Aerospace engineer, mom, sexy IG influencer and OnlyFans star: who is Alex Mucci?

With 5.7 million followers on Instagram, the erotic model, singer and Mr. Marra’s partner. The world of the 34-year-old actress from Pescara, the social media star who manages private conversations with over 2,000 people a day on her OnlyFans: “I chose to use this side of me because it makes me earn more money and I like to do it too”

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Aerospace engineer, mom, and sex influencer. Known online as Alex or Alexis Mucci, Alessia Mucci is the object of desire for millions of people. The 34-year-old Pescara is very popular on all her social platforms: Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Instagram. Secondly, it has recently reached 5 million followers and nearly 600k followers on TikTok (result within a few months).

But the real success has come thanks to the OnlyFans platform, which is used by sex workers (as well as chefs, musicians, fitness trainers) and allows you to have subscribers who pay monthly to see exclusive content. For many, especially after the pandemic, OnlyFans has become a full-time job, and that’s the case for Alex Mucci, an erotic model who has conquered social media. Here are ten photos taken from her Instagram page.

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OnlyFans’ Alex Mucci star: Screaming wins and feminism

How much does a sexy influencer earn? It’s hard to say exactly, on her profile on OnlyFans the monthly subscription costs $40 and the model says he can get it between 30,000 and 120,000 euros per month, depending on the seasons.

“On OnlyFans I have a general bulletin board for subscribers and extra content for those who pay more. When it comes to private messages, I start masturbating from simple nudes, photos and videos, and I always do everything alone. I manage between two thousand and twenty thousand conversations a day”

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Alex Mucci has very clear ideas, does not mask the professional choice she makes, does not use her body to send ethical, political or artistic messages, but admits that she does it only for money, explaining:

“It’s ridiculous that I have to justify my work politically or artistically, I might just want to show my body because I’m making money. The problem is that feminists constantly criticize me, to them I am a symbol of the commodification of the female body. But mine is a conscious choice, I make money and that makes me independent, I chose to exploit that part of me because it makes me earn more money right now and that’s what I love doing.”

But who is Alex Mucci and what is her story?

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Alex Mucci started this business not because she dreamed of becoming a sex influencer, but because of a bad emotional disappointment. At the age of 19, she split her time between Turin and Milan to study aeronautical engineering and made a living as a bartender. She later graduated in 2013.

After completing her education, she went to Sydney, Australia, where she worked in clubs and as a pastry chef until 2016. We don’t know the identity of the man who broke her heart or the reason for leaving, but we do know that the Pescaran girl decides to return to Italy after a while, disappointed in her crush.

The milestone in 2018: She posted a photo on social media and soon became popular with over a million followers. That’s when Alex decides to turn that possibility into a business by producing content for social media and some adult platforms.

From daughter Asia to first amateur porn: Who is Alex Mucci’s partner, Mr. Marra?

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Today, Alex is ready to disrupt the internet again. The model, who announced her pregnancy to her followers with a photo of her belly in front of the mirror in December 2020, is expecting a baby girl with her husband, Marra. But who is Alex’s boyfriend?

Also known as Davide Marra, Mr. Marra is a content creator at Twitch who co-created the Cerbero Podcast, an infotainment show loved by teens, with two partners. During his personal trainer years, he started to approach social media by opening a YouTube channel where he talked about success first after cinema.

Asia Minor Andrea was born in August 2021 to the joy of mother Alessia and father Davide, who decided to work together for a few weeks. The couple recently announced that they have released the teaser of their first amateur porn available on OnlyFans, on Pornhub.

Meanwhile, the Italian alternative model has succeeded in fulfilling another dream: to enter the music market. She did so by signing with Jake la Furia label in May 2019. While waiting for the young woman’s return after a long hiatus, she released two singles, FPF (2019) and Foto Nuda (2020), which drove her fans crazy. due to pregnancy. In fact, a third single is expected to be released, which was announced last month (some rumors say it’s a duet with a famous Italian rapper). All that remains is to wait.

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