Who is Acqua Lete, the iconic sponsor of Napoli?

Acqua Lete is backer of Italian football crew Napoli since 1998. The sponsorship bargain awards €9 million to the Napolitan club per season. It’s one of the greatest sponsorship contract in the Italian Serie A. Yet, who is Acqua Lete?

Acqua Lete began to work in 1893, when the notable Italian organization started to packaging its mineral water.

The recorded relationship with Napoli began in 1998, at first as Acqua Ufficiale and later, in 2005, as Main Sponsor.

However, Acqua Lete is a significant financial backer in what sports concern. For Acqua Lete, the presence in games world is basic: needs to “sell” the picture of utilitarian qualities of Acqua Lete as the water liked by athletes.

Acqua Lete supported the Giro d’Italia for three continuous years, the Cycling World Championships, the Ski World Cup, the European Swimming Championships, and the Athletics European Cup, numerous worldwide long distance races and the Italian National Basketball Team European Champion of 1999.In the universe of football, Acqua Lete originally supported Juventus in the mid 1900s, and just couple of years after the fact began to support Napoli.

The brand additionally extended its football sponsorship business by turning out to be Platinum Sponsor of Atalanta, Fiorentina’s Institutional Sponsor, Premium Sponsor of Inter and Premium Partner of Bologna Calcio.

In 2015, Acqua Lete marked a significant and renowned organization concurrence with the FIGC, turning out to be Premium Sponsor of the Italian public football crew.

Acqua Lete is additionally a noteworthy hero in the fundamental games TV and radio stations, from 90th moment to Sunday Sports, from Dribbling to Tuttobasket, from Quelli and football in Controcampo, turning into a noticeable reference point for the overall population and avid supporters.


a water brand in italy, sponsor of ssc napoli

a water brand in italy, the sponsor of ssc napoli, the owner of the ad that spoils the beautiful blue jersey with irrelevant red.

Roman origin water company that has been the sponsor of the ssc napoli for 13 years. but the firm has become synonymous with napoli. When you think of lete, napoli, when you say napoli, lete comes to mind.

They produce mineral water with their green bottles under the name lete. They also produce non-gaseous, normal water under the name of sorgesana and prata. especially sorgesana is affordable in price and is one of the most popular water brands in Italy (at least in the south such as lazio, campania, calabria), with san benedetto. It tastes better than other waters.