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Which Sports Equipment Do You Need To Do Sports At Home?

Without exception, doing sports has many benefits in terms of physical and spiritual development of every person. However, not everyone is interested in the same sport. People’s level of interest in sports, financial situation, distribution of leisure time, health status and situation may be different from each other. Likewise, for all these reasons, the number of people who want to make sports a part of their life but prefer to do sports at home instead of going to the gym is not small at all.

Regardless of the sport you are interested in, you should prioritize your safety and health during your workouts. Implementing sports exercises unconsciously, not getting help from protective sports equipment and materials, overloading your body in a short time can prepare the ground for injuries. You can use sports equipment at home and create a more comfortable sports routine in order to both protect your health and get more efficiency from your sports training. How about taking a look at the sports equipment and equipment that every sports fan should have during their home workouts?

Pilates Mat

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Pilates mat offers you a more comfortable and efficient experience not only in pilates but also in many sports training. Many exercises in cardio, HIIT, yoga, and pilates workouts need to be performed on the floor and in the supine position.

Especially during abdominal exercises, the lumbar cavity should not be opened and the spine should be in a straight position. Otherwise, the efficiency of abdominal exercises will decrease and the waist may be burdened. Pilates mats, produced in ideal thickness and softness, help your body to take the correct position in the movements you make in the supine and prone position. You can also choose the most suitable pilates mat for your training plan, and you can do a quality sport at home with pilates equipment such as pilates ball and pilates band as well as mat types.

Jump Rope

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If you want to get high efficiency from short-term training and you are looking for a low-cost, simple and effective exercise that you can apply at any time of the day, jumping rope may be for you! Jumping rope is a sport that works many muscle groups in the body together, and also greatly improves balance and synchronization skills. Moreover, you do not need any equipment other than skipping rope while skipping with comfortable and ergonomic sneakers. If you want, you can prepare direct training programs, or you can burn fat by jumping rope whenever you find time during the day. Doing sports at home with skipping rope is one of the easiest and most effective methods.

Weight Set (Dumbell)

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If you want to increase your muscle mass and have a more resistant body while doing sports, you should include weight training in your sports routine. However, you should gradually increase the weight of the weights you use, especially if you do not have a previous weight training background. Otherwise, you can overload your muscles and invite injuries. Especially in back exercises, it is beneficial to work with the lowest weight in the first place. It will be easier for you to do a quality sport at home with small weight sets. With small weights, you can do many movements at home and get a fit physique.

Pull Up Bar

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The pull-up, which most sports fans find quite difficult, is an upper body exercise that allows the back and arm muscles to work together. Pulling the right pull-ups not only strengthens the muscles, but also helps to eliminate posture disorders. You can also create a gym environment by buying a pull-up bar and installing a simple mechanism in a doorway in your home. However, before moving on to pull-up exercises, you should make sure that you prepare your arm and back muscles with the help of warm-up movements and gradually increase the intensity of the training. You can do an easy and efficient sport with this tool that allows you to work out the important muscles in your back area.

Sports Bike (Exercise Bike)

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On the off chance that you are keen on athletic gear that will make it simpler for you to do customary games at home and which is easy to utilize, you can allow the activity bicycle an opportunity. Fixed bicycle, which is an exceptionally successful choice as far as adjusted and solid fat consuming; It permits your leg, back and abs to cooperate. Likewise, in the event that you get exhausted or tired rapidly while doing sports, you can situate your activity bicycle before the TV or PC, and do sports while watching your #1 projects. Along these lines, time elapses a lot quicker! In the event that you have a persistent condition in your knees or a physical issue, for example, a meniscus tear, it’s a smart thought to counsel your PCP prior to utilizing an activity bicycle.


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If you want to jog but prefer to do sports at home, you don’t need to go out for a run! All you have to do is buy a treadmill. Especially in cold or rainy weather, you can continue running without delaying your sports training, and you can do low-paced jogs to warm up before cardio and HIIT workouts. You can complete your daily training with leg exercises that you can apply after low-tempo warm-up runs.

Shuttle Tool(Shuttle Pull)

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The sit-up, which is an extremely successful and grounded practice in working the stomach and back muscles, can cause an unreasonable burden on the midsection and neck muscles if not applied accurately. Particularly if your muscular strength are not sufficiently able to do sit-ups, you may accidentally pull or crush your neck during exercise. On the off chance that you are simply beginning with sit-up practices or experience difficulty doing sit-ups, you can prepare all the more securely and proficiently by utilizing a sit-up machine. Also, you can change the tendency of the sit-ups as you wish, so you can bit by bit fortify your stomach muscles.

AB Wheel

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AB Wheel, which has been used in many abdominal exercises especially in recent years; It enables the abdominal, back, arm and shoulder muscles to work together. If you want to raise the level of your abdominal training one more step, you can choose AB Wheel. However, it should be reminded that the use of this sports equipment is not recommended for those who are new to sports. You can include the AB Wheel in your advanced sports training, and you can make your current abdominal exercises one step more difficult.

Medicine ball

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The medication ball, which numerous individuals will recollect from actual training classes in center school and secondary school, is as yet utilized in numerous exercises today. You can utilize the medication ball actually like free weights of various loads to fortify your muscles and increment the trouble of your exercises. Right and normal utilization of the medication ball assists with creating muscle opposition and body perseverance. Rather than lifting a hefty hand weight, you can incline toward medication balls, which are more secure as far as plan and material utilized, and you can establish a more protected exercise climate for yourself, particularly on the off chance that you are simply beginning with weight preparing. The heaviness of medication balls differs between 0.5 kg – 14 kg. It is critical that the medication ball you pick is of the proper load for your muscle strength, wellbeing status, preparing level and activities.

Which sports equipment do you need to do sports at home 1 gmspors

In short, it is very easy to create an exercise program that is as good as gym workouts by using sports equipment at home! You should only make sure that you choose the branches and workouts that are suitable for your level of sport, and you should not neglect the warm-up and cool-down exercises.

8 points that those who do sports at home should pay attention to


Before you start exercising, you should make your body suitable for the activity and warm up your joint and muscle tissue to move in accordance with the tempo. In the same way, you should continue to move by increasing your heart rate little by little. Remember that the risk of injury is very high in any exercise you start without warming up. Do not start the exercise without fully preparing the areas such as head-neck, leg, arm, back-shoulder. When your activity is over, move on to the cool-down part by stretching and trying to reach the normal heart rate range. Complete the exercise in a healthy way by applying stretching movements, especially in the areas you work.


Let’s abandon the perception of “no pain, no gain”, that is, no pain, no gain. Because the goal should never be to reach the goal by suffering, to make an effort. As long as the person communicates with his own body and knows what he needs, he will reach the right information about his level. Being able to do very heavy exercises may not be healthy for you and you’d better relax a little. Maybe your level and potential are actually very high, but you are progressing with light programs… Your body should completely determine your choice. You can do high-intensity workouts or try different techniques as long as it allows. Just like you can’t expect a beginner to run a marathon…


We know that the home environment forces you to sleep on the sofa, stay in bed longer and stay away from the kitchen. Create yourself a program. Determine an appropriate exercise time and schedule by adding your workload and other plans. You can continue your active life by doing sports for a maximum of five days a week, and you can stay healthy by keeping your immunity strong. Practice a different area of ​​your life every hour in the order you will apply it. Even when creating this order, do not forget to get help from the accounts of expert trainers who offer the opportunity to do live sports on Instagram.

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Spending time at home should not just mean spending time in the kitchen… It is exciting to try a new recipe and create different flavors every day, we are aware of this. However, if you also experience the excitement of making and consuming healthy plates, it’s okay. Of course, there will be no small getaways in between. But if you make at least 80-90 percent of your diet healthy, avoidance, no matter how harmful, is unobtrusive. As long as you are willing to cheat, stop yourself and adjust the amount, you will not suffer any harm. Maybe you set an “escape day” for yourself and consume only that day and do not even touch it on other days. Think about it…


One of the most important elements you should know about exercise and sports is your “body”, that is, yourself… It is best to choose a sport that is suitable for your physical characteristics and will not harm your current injuries. Considering age and weight factors, it is important to be aware of health problems and to have a blood test even if you are just starting out. If there is no obstacle in front of the activity you want to do, you are one step ahead.

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As we all know, we are going through a difficult time… When we say anxiety, mental confusion, worry, sadness and loss, we try to protect ourselves and somehow survive. Sometimes we just don’t want to do anything and most of the time we stick to routines unwillingly. But we must not forget that we exist as long as we hope. We will continue to be good by hoping, dreaming, working and striving. We will invest in ourselves and take good care of our bodies. We will exercise regularly and eat healthy to take care of ourselves. Often times, despite falling motivation, we will keep going and open the door to feeling better. Instead of “I can’t exercise anymore, I don’t want to”, “Get up and you’ll feel good!” we will say.


Since we have moved to more home life, the distances between us and the digital world have been getting shorter and shorter. When we say grocery shopping, orders, everything reached us thanks to the companies and their employees. Based on the ability to do everything at home, we started to complete sports and exercises at home. Because expert sports trainers came to our homes with their live broadcasts. In addition, they provide service with special package pricing for those who want to continue continuously and one-on-one (online). Sports digital formations and related websites continue to serve everyone who wants to do sports through digital channels.


You can buy the appropriate equipment for the exercise programs you have created at home and start practicing. With the help of e-commerce sites of many different brands, you can create your order and start work without wasting time. If you create a suitable area for exercise in your home before purchasing equipment, you will not think about where to put the equipment you will buy. The area you will create should be an area that does not hinder your movements and that you can easily keep your mat and equipment around you. So you create your own mini gym in your own home!

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