Which actors can play ENDLESS in the Sandman Netflix series?

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 1 gmspors

In Sandman we learn all the mythology behind the Infinite beings who govern the fundamental principles of the universe such as Desire, Death and Despair. And while the story focuses on Dream, some of the Endless siblings have yet to appear and should be introduced in the coming seasons if Netflix decides to renew the series.

The remaining three are Perpetual, Fate, Delirium, and Destruction – each yet to play a crucial role in future arcs. But while we don’t have any official casting news, we’re rounding up which actors can play the rest of Endless in Sandman!

Here we provide a brief introduction to explain the role of each Perpetual and the three actors and actresses who could play these characters in the series. So enjoy the comments and leave your views and your own fan posts!


Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 9 gmspors

Stoic and serious, Destiny rarely shows great emotions. It also does not often interfere with the natural flow of life, although it has been so in the past. It is believed that not everything is written in the book of Destiny – and this is evidenced when we remember that even Destiny did not know that Delight would become Delirium.

His seal is the book he carries chained to his own body. Finally, a curiosity: The only Infinite not created by Neil Gaiman since appearing in Weird Mystery Tales #1 in 1972. It was created by Marv Wolfman and Bernie Wrightson and only later recreated. -Indicated in Sandman pages.

He first appeared in the Sandman comics, in the arc Preludes and Nocturnes, which has since been adapted into the Netflix series. However, since she hasn’t yet appeared in the adaptation, it’s likely she will appear in the second year as she and her siblings meet for dinner in the prologue to Season of Mists.

Ian McKellen

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 10 gmspors

Known for: X-Men, Lord of the Rings

Destiny is always presented as an old blind man chained to his book. Of the many actors who have masterfully brought him to life, none can compare to Ian McKellen, who has made his name in many fantasy and fiction productions over the years.

McKellen is best known for playing Magneto in the British and X-Men films, and the wizard Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit adaptations. Bearing in mind that Sandman includes appearances from big British stars like Stephen Fry and Charles Dance, McKellen would be a great fit for the role.

Jeremy Irons

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 11 gmspors

Known for: Watchmen (HBO), Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

On the other hand, one actor who could be impressive in his role as Doom is Jeremy Irons himself, who is already known to DC Comics fans for playing Alfred in the DCEU movies and playing Ozymandias on HBO’s Watchmen. He would create a very interesting Destiny with his booming voice and subtle interpretation.

It’s worth remembering that in the comics Destino is a more peaceful character, not a very striking personality, but Irons can leave his mark by playing the role very sparingly. That way, the elder Perpetual would be in good hands and would continue to be a highly important presence in Sandman mythology.

Tilda Swinton

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 12 gmspors

Known for: Chronicles of Narnia, Suspiria: Dance of Fear

Completing the selections for Destiny … why not Tilda Swinton ? The actress is known to be a true chameleon on screen, experiencing increasingly diverse and eccentric figures – and she never lets herself be swallowed by the makeup or prosthetics she uses. So it could be a very interesting Fate.

And before complaining: “But Destiny is a MAN in the comics”, it’s worth remembering that Tilda managed to fool everyone with her performance in Suspiria: Dancing with Fear, where she had three roles (including an old man). As a result, she would make a great addition to the cast of the series and would certainly bring a special charm to any character she played.


Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 13 gmspors

Delirium, the smallest of the infinities, is also one of the most beloved by its fans. It was originally called Delight, but at some point in its existence it evolved into Delirium without any explanation. She is seen as a young girl with blond and red hair, with a severe attention deficit.

She cannot finish sentences without changing the subject, and most (including some of her siblings) cannot understand her. Often despised by her family, she is one of those responsible for setting out to seek the Waste, the Destruction. At the same time, she has a fondness for Dream, although she disregards and despises her.

Despite being despised, Delirium is always protected by his siblings, who do everything to avoid getting into trouble. Its seal is changeable and represents a variety of colors that can take different shapes (and turn black when sad). Your realm is as chaotic as your mind, but once Dream managed to rule it.

Like Fate, she first appears in the prologue to Season of Mists, meaning she should already appear in the series’ second season.

Dafne Keen

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 1 gmspors

Known as: Logan, Dark Materials

Dafne Keen, who entered the movie theaters with her role as X-23 in Logan, has become one of the most glamorous young actresses of our time with a very interesting filmography and a rising career. He is currently the protagonist of His Dark Materials, an HBO/BBC fantasy series adapting Philip Pullman’s books.

Born in Spain and naturalized in England, he would bring a special sensibility to Delirium, the youngest and most “volatile” of the Perpetuals, and would also play an important role in later arcs such as Vidas Breves, the seventh volume. Comics in pursuit of Delirium and Dream’s lost siblings, Destruction.

Lia McHugh

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 2 gmspors

Known For: Eternals, The Chalet

Now if Netflix is ​​looking for an even younger cast for the role of Delirium , American actress Lia McHugh , famous for her role as the Goblin last year in one of the most anticipated movies , Eternals , would be a great option . Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although Lia is now sixteen and on the rise, her career has several projects. The actress also seems to have a vein of horror, as she has appeared in works like The Chalet and A House on the Bayou, as well as the anthology series Into The Dark. That way, it’s already used to denser themes like those rendered in Sandman.

sophia lilis

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 3 gmspors

Known for: IT: The Thing, Sharp Objects

With a very expressive interpretation as well as a dreamy and delicate air, Sophia Lillis became famous for her role in IT: The Thing, where Beverly Marsh lives. Since then she has appeared in other interesting projects such as Sharp Objects (HBO) and the movie Mary and John: The Witch’s Tale.

She was recently cast in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels, which has already shown an interest in fantasy and marvelous worlds. Even though she’s a little older now (she’s 20 now), Lillis could make a great Delirium, especially thanks to her charisma and talent.

Destruction, Olethros and The Prodigal

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 4 gmspors

Eternal’s middle brother is known by other names such as Destruction, Olethros, and “The Prodigal”. He is known for his long red hair, prominent muscles, and a rustic face. But nearly 300 years ago, Endless left his kingdom (and his duties as Endless) in search of a simpler life.

Since then he had little contact with his siblings and lived as a walking artist with a dog named Barnabas, which he later gave to his younger sister Delirium. It represents the destruction and destruction of all things, the movement of time, wars and decay. Despite this, she has an appreciation for the arts, including poetry and painting.

His seal was his sword, and his kingdom was never shown in the Sandman stories. When he leaves Infinite, he takes his gallery and his brothers’ crests with him, but keeps them in a locked room in his home, which he calls the “Family Room”. He is considered one of the most humanized Eternals along with death.

Its first appearance is in the arc of Fables and Reflections, which should only be adapted after the second season of the series.

Kristofer Hivju

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 5 gmspors

Known For: Game of Thrones, The Witcher

Destruction is always portrayed as a red-haired, muscular and charismatic man. So if the series decides to bring in a visually faithful adaptation of the character, Norwegian star Kristofer Hivju, famous for his role as Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones, would be a very clear choice.

Hivju, now 43 years old, is taking on some very interesting roles in film and television, appearing in the eighth movie of the Fast and the Furious franchise, as well as in The Witcher series. It would be a great interpreter for Destruction, as the character has a more rustic look and is combined with a heart of gold!

Rahul Kohli

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 6 gmspors

Known for: iZombie, The Haunting of Bly Manor

On the other hand, if the first season of Sandman has proven anything, it’s that Neil Gaiman values ​​adapting the core of the comics rather than copying his own work frame-by-frame. And if there is one actor who can capture the full essence of Destruction, it is Rahul Kohli, who is becoming more and more famous and popular.

Rahul made his first steps in another series based on Vertigo’s comic iZombie, but soon began tackling more daring projects like The Haunting of Bly Manor and Midnight Mass, both available on Netflix. The actor and confident gamer lives in fan broadcasts of various comic book characters, and Destruction would be a sure choice.

Rupert Grint

Which actors can play endless in the sandman netflix series 7 gmspors

Known For: Harry Potter, Maid

Another name Neil Gaiman could consider for the role of Destruction, which closes the list, is none other than Rupert Grint, who gained worldwide fame for his portrayal of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. He is a great actor who has been involved in more and more daring projects in his career.

She recently starred in the AppleTV+ series Servant, where she received critical acclaim for his portrayal. While Perpetual still needs work to stay in her physique, he can bring out the lighter, gentler, more loving side of Prodigal – and let’s face it, it would be great to see his in a fantasy project again.

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