Where will Queen Elizabeth II be buried?

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away last year, and his father, King VI. George will be buried next to him on the 9th day of his death.

Sovereign Elizabeth, the longest-serving English ruler, kicked the bucket at Balmoral Palace at age 96. Following the Sovereign’s state memorial service at Westminster Convent on September 19, there will be a graveside administration at St George’s House of prayer at Windsor Palace.

The Sovereign will then, at that point, be covered with her folks and sister in Windsor Palace’s Top dog George VI Dedication Church.

Di public go dey permitted to see di final resting place during dat time.

Prior to dis, di Sovereign go dey very still for St Giles Basilica Edinburgh, for 24 hours from Monday 12 September as pipo go dey ready to offer dia appreciation.

Her family, lawmakers and world pioneers go to her state memorial service for 11:00 BST on di day, wey go be bank occasion.

What will the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II be like?

Once the Queen’s coffin is brought to London, it will be kept in Westminster Hall, in the Houses of Parliament, for four days before her burial.

This is the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster.

The last person whose coffin was brought here was the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, who died in 2002.

More than 200,000 people lined up to see her coffin.

The Queen’s coffin will be kept on a high platform known as the catafalk, under the wooden roof of this 11th-century building.

A soldier will stand guard at each of the four corners of the catafalcon.

The coffin will be brought here in a slow-moving military parade from Buckingham Palace.

Members of the Royal Family will also attend the parade.

The public will be able to watch this ceremony from the streets around and on the big screens that are expected to be installed in the parks.

Upon arrival at Westminster Hall, the Royal Crest, Imperial Crown, Scepter and Orb will be placed on top of the coffin.

After the coffin is placed in its place, a short ceremony will be held and then the place will be opened to visitors.

When is the Queen’s funeral?

A state funeral for the Queen is expected within two weeks at St Peter’s Church, located inside the Palace of Westminster. The day of the funeral will be announced by Buckingham Palace.

The Queen was crowned in 1953 with a ceremony held in this historical church, and she married her husband, Prince Philip, in a ceremony held here again in 1947.

No burial for a monarch has been held here since the 18th century.

But the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002 was held in this church.

Leaders from around the world will be invited to accompany the Royal Family at this ceremony.

Top politicians and former prime ministers from the UK will also be present.

The day of the ceremony will begin with the transport of the Queen’s coffin from Westminster Hall to the church.

The coffin will be transported in a Royal Navy gun carriage.

This gun carriage was last seen at the funeral of Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, in 1979, towed by 142 Royal Navy sailors.

The ceremony will likely be led by the church’s abbot, David Hoyle, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who heads the Anglican Church, will also preach. Prime Minister Liz Truss is also likely to make a speech.

After the funeral, the Queen’s coffin will be taken by hearse to Windsor.

The last journey of the coffin will be to St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and will be buried with the participation of the Royal Family.

This chapel is the preferred location for weddings and funerals by the Royal Family.

This is where Prince Harry and Meghan got married and where Prince Philip’s funeral was held last year.

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