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Where to buy Nicki Minaj’s pink crocs – Singer causes frenzy after Instagram post!

Nicki Minaj’s pink crocs went viral after she posted a snap wearing them in an Instagram post – can you buy her Chanel croc charms?

The ‘Starships’ singer is back on her Instagram profile after taking some time off from social media to focus on motherhood. She gave birth to her first child in September last year.

Nicki posed in pink crocs for her big social media return, turning all attention on her foam clog shoes.

Many fans want to know where they can buy similar crocs to the ones the rapper wore.

Nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj’s pink crocs

On Monday (May 10th, 2021), the ‘Queen’ singer made her return on social media and caused an internet frenzy with her publications.

Nicki shared a snap with pink crocs with custom Chanel charms, matching pink heart-shaped pillows and jewellery. She captioned her post: “Friday”.

Following the rapper’s Instagram post, searches for pink crocs have seen a significant jump as people rushed on the internet (and the shops) to get themselves similar shoes.

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Where to buy similar pink crocs

You can buy similar pink crocs to the ones Nicki wore from for $49.99. They come in electric pink colour.

As for the Chanel charms, these seem to be customised for the rapper’s personal shoes. You can look for some options on Etsy for example.

As noted by Google Trends, “pink crocs” and “Nicki Minaj crocs” were breakout searches after Nicki’s Instagram and Twitter publications.

“Nicki Minaj has convinced me that I need to get pink crocs for summer.” reacted one social media user.

“I saw Nicki Minaj wear pink crocs with jewelry, so I bought pink crocs with jewelery,” wrote another one.

Someone else added: “I saw that Nicki Minaj posted a photo wearing pink crocs so I went to Marshalls and bought pink crocs.”

Fans wonder whether Nicki and Rihanna are doing a collab

Since Nicki teased the word “Friday” in her publications, many people are wondering whether the rapper will be dropping a new song this Friday, May 14th, 2021.

Plus, some fans are speculating that Nicki might be working on some kind of collaboration with Rihanna after they started following each other on Instagram again.

Social media follows for celebrities are a big thing, especially after Nicki and Rihanna previously unfollowed each other.

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