When a drunk passenger injures another passenger on the plane

There were shocking moments on one of the flights of the Irish airline Ryanair. A drunk passenger refused to give up alcohol, went out of his way and injured another passenger. During the flight, the drunk passenger was fastened with his seat belt.

An incident took place on a plane belonging to Ryanair airline that made everyone nervous. Apparently, the drunk man got into a big fight with the cabin crew mid-flight, and then injured a passenger.

On the plane to Lithuania, the drunk passenger, who was one of the parties to the argument, did not stop drinking and the discussion became more and more heated. When the passenger started to shout and curse at the cabin crew and the cabin crew, other passengers got involved.

“He refused to lift him and started arguing and being rude to the cabin crew when we told him he wasn’t allowed. Then he started arguing with the other passengers and got really aggressive. I was really scared, so I tried to stay away from him, so I didn’t really get into the fight, but he punched his own father and injured a passenger,” he said.

The drunken passenger, who was barely held by 5 people, was finally restrained with the seat belt.

After the flight, the drunk passenger was detained by the police.

The video, which was shared on TikTok with the phrase “Not every hero wears a cape”, reached 215.6 thousand views, 3285 likes and nearly 300 comments in a short time.

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