WhatsApp ‘forever mute’ feature has arrived

The new feature to talk a lot in Whatsapp “Forever mute”

An innovation has come to the mute feature that has been available for a long time in WhatsApp. “Forever” option has been added to the muting feature, which normally lasts up to 1 year.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, has added a new option to the mute feature for chats that most users have been waiting for.


According to the news of Teknofes; While previously there was the option to mute the conversation for up to eight hours, a week, and a year, with the new update, the one-year mute was removed and the option “forever” was replaced.

The new feature that will be talked about a lot in Whatsapp, the new era begins:

A new era begins in Whatsapp, the instant messaging application used by millions of people. This feature of Whatsapp will be talked about a lot.

According to the new update, those who want to mute someone or a group on Whatsapp will now be able to mute them forever.

After the last update, the new feature was gradually distributed to users yesterday.


The new “mute forever” option coming to WhatsApp came with version of the application. This shows that the latest version is not needed to get this feature. Even if the application is in the latest version, it will take a few days for this new feature to reach everyone.


On the other hand, a new era is beginning for those who enter WhatsApp from the beginning. The desktop version of WhatsApp comes with a “touch login” feature to the WhatsApp Web.

So soon you will be able to open WhatsApp from the computer with your fingerprint. For this, it will be enough to use a laptop with a fingerprint reader.

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