What’s New in Football Manager 2022?

Football Manager 2022 is expected to come with big surprises this year. It is said that Football Manager, which includes the women’s league, will offer a more realistic and dynamic game this year.

As teams around the world prepare for the new football season, it’s only natural that we’re starting to wonder about Football Manager 2022. We are already looking forward to the day when we take control of our favorite teams and start the new season 2021.

Whats New in Football Manager 2022 GMSPORS

Of course, the developers at Sports Interactive release a new Football Manager game like clockwork every year, and 2022 is not expected to be any different. With that in mind, FM fans are starting to look at their calendars wistfully and wondering when Football Manager 2022, or FM 22 as we all abbreviate, will become playable.

Football Manager 2022 will once again be released by Sega, but besides the obvious, what else do we actually know about the new game? All the important information we know about FM 22 is here!

Is Football Manager 2022 Release Date Announced?

Last year’s FM 21 game released Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android versions on November 24, 2020, before releasing the Xbox Edition and Touch Edition on December 1, 2020. And then, the final piece of the puzzle was the Nintendo Switch, with the release coming on December 15, 2020.

We expect to see FM 22 release date(s) following a similar date with the main release of Football Manager 2022 in November 2021. FM 22 is expected to be released towards the end of November this year.

On Which Consoles and Platforms Can We Play Football Manager 22?

Again, we expect Football Manager 2022 to follow the same methodology as Football Manager 2021 in terms of which platforms can play the new footy management simulation.

Last year, there were multiple versions of Football Manager spread across PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), Mac, mobile phones, tablets, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

This means you can expect the main version of FM 22 to offer the ultimate in detail to gamers with a powerful PC or Mac, while the FM 22 Touch will offer gamers with tablets, high-end phones and laptops a slightly more simplified experience.

Presumably the FM 22 Touch will be modeled like last year, but on Microsoft’s consoles; Expect to see some streamlined FM 22 Xbox Edition for the best experience on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Next comes FM 22 Mobile, which is the most basic version of Football Manager 2022 and can run on most phones. As you may have found last year, the mobile version is the simplest version, but very useful for gamers on the go who just want a delicious experience with their phone.

Whats New in Football Manager 2022 GMSPORS

What’s New in Football Manager 2022?

Information seems scant for any changes to the game, but a lot of information is expected to drop soon.

The only thing we know won’t be in Football Manager 22 is women’s football, but including it in the series is still part of the plan. Rumor has it that women’s soccer isn’t expected to be included until Football Manager 2024.

It is estimated that Football Manager 2022 will have a tactical feature that will bring more realistic and different ideas to the fore.

It is among the claims that the players will be more detailed in the new series and there will be a big change in the development of the football player.