What will happen on the mysterious date of TikTok 9/15/21?

What’s going on at 15.09.21? In a TikTok comment, @someone said “21/9/21. The day the internet will go down”. What will happen in Tiktok’s mysterious history?

As you’ve been looking through TikTok, you’ve most likely seen everybody discussing 9/15/21.

The date is all over, and individuals from everywhere the world are discussing this arbitrary Wednesday in September, yet why?

What’s going on today? In case you’re a little befuddled, here’s a full clarification.

Today is Wednesday 15 September 2021, yet for what reason is that date so extraordinary, you inquire? Indeed, aside from it being YouTuber Jenna Marbles’ birthday, there’s gossip that something calamitous will occur here on Earth. TODAY.

Presently, as you can envision this hypothesis came from TikTok – the home of bizarre and unexplained paranoid ideas. TikTok clients consistently concoct the most inventive speculations regarding what will occur on specific dates. Recollect when the web was persuaded Black individuals would get superpowers on December 21? Definitely, that won’t ever occur.


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What’s going on 9/15/21?

There’s talk that the web will close down on September 15 and everything’s gratitude to the @someone TikTok account. @someone has claimed that the web will go down for quite a long time in light of a sun powered flare, causing overall mayhem.

The private and confirmed record has 10.7 million devotees however nobody knows who @someone really is. Their profile has no image and where you may ordinarily compose your name, the @someone account basically peruses “9/15/21”. Up until this point, the record is thought to have just once post – a video which has the 9/15/21 date on it…

In a TikTok remark, @someone said: “9/15/21. The day the web will break.” The record additionally cautioned everybody to “be prepared” for the conceivable calamitous occasion and “spread the word”. The bits of gossip are currently all over TikTok with many accepting a sun powered flare could really be the finish of the web as far as we might be concerned.


All in all, will the web truly shut down today? Presumably not.

TikTok clients consistently think of insane speculations about things that will occur on specific dates.

Catastrophic event, fear monger assault, zombie end times, the apocalypse. And so on, there’s been a TikTok date for it.

Have they at any point occurred? No. However, the truth will surface eventually!

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What will happen on the mysterious date of TikTok 9/15/21?

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