What We Know About Tiktok Girl Carol Castro

Carol Castro Mexican TikTok star known for her lip-syncs and dance videos. She has earned more than 10 million followers on her carolcastromx account. She often films videos with friends indoors.

Who is Carol Castro?

Carol Castro (October 14, 2000) is a Mexican tiktoker, youtuber, and influencer known for her many collaborations with Rod Contreras. She currently has over 13.6 million followers on TikTok and 2.3 million followers on Instagram. She launched his YouTube channel in mid-2021.

  • She sent off her record in 2020.
  • Her TikToks highlight craftsmen including Justin Bieber and Lenny Tavárez. Quite possibly of her most famous video includes her male companion wearing a dress. It has earned more than 14 million perspectives.
  • She is from Mexico. She has been sincerely connected to Cesar Pantoja. She was proposed to by Cesar Pantoja in July 2022.
  • She presented with Fernanda Duran and Michelle Gomez for a Walk 2022 Instagram post.
@carolcastromx #dúo con @Montpantoja ♬ sonido original – Carol Castro

Carol Castro is a Mexican-based tiktoker, youtuber, and influencer. Originally from Guadalajara; now 21 years old. She gained recognition when she first collaborated with tiktoker Rod Contreras in May 2021. Since then, she has collaborated with her on several videos that sparked both good and bad reactions. Currently, there are many who sent it with influencer, although both comment that they are just friends.

Name surnamecarol castro
Birth14 October 2000
Age22 Years
JobTiktoker, youtuber and influencer
Instagram account@carol_icastro
TikTok Account@carolcastromx

Castro launched on the platform a little less than a year ago (in 2021), although it has managed to ruin it from the start. Ever since she started collaborating with Rod in May 2021, everything she touches and does has become a trend. Because of this, many Rod fans initially accused him of absorbing followings and drinking from the success of others. Over time this proved untrue, so he continues to collaborate with Rod today. In fact, despite the criticism, the two maintain a good friendship, as they express on social networks.

CAROL CASTRO Social Media Power

What we know about tiktok girl carol castro

She opened her YouTube channel in June 2021 and uploaded her first video: FIRST TIME. The video was viewed more than 200,000 times in its first week. For a challenge with his next video, Rod collaborated with Fer and Lápiz.

After the challenge, Castro did not upload any more videos until 2022. “Am I pregnant?” She posted the prank video. One of the victims in the video was Rod, who was worried when children joked about an alleged accident. In the same month, WE LICK OUR FEET with Castro, Sofi Mata, Fer Duran and Omahi Disgusting challenges video and ¿ Didn’t I like my operation? , where he answers some questions about his fat transfer to the hip. In the video, Castro commented on how painful the post-operative process was.

A Mexican TikTok star known for lip syncing and dance videos with songs by artists like Carol Castro, Justin Bieber, and Lenny Tavarez. The 18-year-old opened his account (@carolcastromx) in 2020. Soon, she gained more than 10 million followers. When she posted a video of a boyfriend wearing a dress, it got more than 14 million views.

Relationship with Cesar Pantoja

Mexican TikTok star Carol Castro announced that she is pregnant with her partner, César Pantoja, on November 21, 2022, in a YouTube video from her account. -speculation rumors about the couple’s pregnancy.

Fans poured out their support and love when they heard the news of Carol Castro’s pregnancy. Many congratulated them and wished a healthy and happy baby. Some fans also hoped to be a part of their entire pregnancy journey.

Castro has been associated multiple times with controversial tiktoker Cesar Pantoja for her videos and multiple collaborations. The two are seen very close on networks where their posts point to a certain convergence between the two, especially in their collaborations for YouTube and TikTok.

However, she has neither confirmed nor denied the relationship to date. The truth is, his posts with Pantoja since the beginning of 2022 have intrigued fans and he even has her own ship.

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