What we know about Far Cry 7

According to a reliable source, Far Cry 7 will be a game that radically changes the series. Jason Schreier, one of the popular journalists in the game world, says that with Far Cry 7, the series will go through a radical change.

The sixth game of Far Cry, one of the popular productions of the game world, published and developed by Ubisoft, will be released this year. Players have been complaining a lot for the game that has always been in the same style for a while, but things seem to change.

Far Cry 7 Will Revolutionize The Series

One of the trusted journalists of the gaming world, Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier said that he expected something very different from the seventh main game of the series. Speaking on the Triple Click podcast, Schreier has heard that after Far Cry 6, the Far Cry series will go on a completely different path. Unfortunately, he did not explain what kind of change it was.

Previously, a clear change was made between Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3, although not very big. However, we can say that we have seen very similar games since the third game. We hope it will be a production that won the appreciation of the players and remains in the focus of the story.

Far Cry 7: When will it meet us?

“Long ways” has a stunning 14 unique choices in its library while considering in the two extensions and side projects. Beyond a forthcoming “Long ways” anime, not much is been aware of what the eventual fate of the IP holds. Given “Long ways 6” delivered back in 2021, the consideration of some gamers has likely gone to when “Long ways 7” will show up and what course it will take the all-encompassing establishment in. As of the present moment, little data exists about the alleged seventh mainline game. Notwithstanding this, it very well may be feasible to anticipate when it will at long last stirred things up around town by assessing past delivery and improvement cycles.

What we know about far cry 7 gmspors

The Far Cry series has managed to be a series that players have always been waiting for, even if they don’t like it. The action-packed missions in the series, which gave players a large open world and different weapons, allowed long hours to be spent in front of the computer, which brought the series to the popularity it has today.

However, although the next game in the series created excitement every time, players who did the same things in each game, except for minor changes, started to get bored over time. It even came to such a point that after a while, Ubisoft began to seem like adapting the same game to the technology of that day. Far Cry 6 seems to suffer the same fate when a few changes lose their effect. But everything could change in the next game.

Far Cry 7 could be an online-focused game

The allegations in question came from Stephen Totilo of Axios. Stating that Ubisoft will make radical changes in the series after Far Cry 6 enters the market, Totilo also stated that the company is working to find a more online-oriented way for the sequel.

We cannot say that this is a new rumor. Because Jason Schreier from Bloomberg previously said in a podcast episode that the next game in the series will go in a radically different direction.

Apart from that, Ubisoft said that it is working to diversify its AAA quality series/games such as Far Cry. In this context, we can say that the next Far Cry game will follow a very different path compared to previous games by offering an online experience.

However, such games may require tactics and strategy from time to time. When trying the online approach in single-player games before – as in Fallout 76 – we saw that these strategies were wasted from time to time. Whether this will happen in the online-focused Far Cry will become clear as details emerge.

Let us remind you that these are not officially announced by Ubisoft, they are only information from trusted names in the industry. What are your thoughts on an online Far Cry? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.

What we know about far cry 7 gmspors

Far Cry, one of the game series that closes the open world / action hunger of the players, has just released its 6th game, while rumors about the next game have emerged. According to the allegations, the company is thought to follow a more online-oriented path in the next game.

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