What really happened between TikTok stars Talyn and Tish?

We are witnessing a drama between TikTok stars Talyn and Tish. Here’s What Really Happened Between TikTok Stars Talyn and Tish…

In the world of TikTok content creators, there is drama around every corner. One of the latest developments to attract users of video sharing apps is the obvious conflict between Tish (@hotbishtish1) and Talyn (@talynntalks). A lot has happened between the two after a video surfaced accusing Talyn of guilt, but there is more to the story.

Naturally, fans of both stars are struggling to piece together what happened between the two creators. Here’s a full reveal of all the known details surrounding Talyn and Tish’s TikTok drama.

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If you’ve been to Talyn’s or Tish’s TikTok page lately, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of new posts, fan comments, and all the elements of some kind of big question. So what actually happened?

Essentially, a video of Tish’s birthday party (held on a yacht) went viral on Reddit and TikTok, as many claimed it was an example of inappropriate and unnecessary physical contact. The video shows Tish falling from the foredeck of the boat and Talyn reacts. In said clip, Foster slowed down as Tish fell at certain points in the shot, making it look like Talyn was touching her inappropriately.

Fan accusations of Talyn touching Tish inappropriately were strong and urgent, but the video was slow and edited. This caused Tish to deny the charges and apologize to Talyn. “It wasn’t fair for Tallinn and I apologize for getting to this point,” Tisci said in a video he shared after the incident.


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Tish continued the video, adding: “I was trying to cope with slowing down and being pushed in my face. It’s pretty clear that Talyn saw me fall. … It blew up unfairly for him. I offer my deepest apologies,” he said.

In terms of context, this part of Tish’s statement refers to fans’ emotions fueled by Talyn’s allegations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior, possibly due to a quick and massive attack from users commenting on the situation.

Talyn also spoke out against her followers, who accused her of touching Tish inappropriately. “I’m accused of something,” he said. “It was a huge misunderstanding. The people I blamed for this incident are the Reddit group that trolled me and separated everything I do. They took one thing and made a comeback to this huge thing that triggered another, which has sparked criticism. It’s very sad for everyone involved because it’s a shame that this I really don’t think it should be.”

All in all, all this ordeal seems to be the result of unfair video manipulation that snowballed into a much bigger situation. Fortunately, Tish and Talyn now seem to have it all figured out.

Talyn and Tish have been hauled into a web-based show after a new video observing Tish’s birthday on a yacht became a web sensation.


Talyn is a TikTok character who transfers recordings from her record @talynntalks.

With a huge fanbase of 934,000 devotees, the powerhouse “records life’s ups, downs, and in the middle between”, she makes sense of in her profile.

Tish is a 26-year-old substance maker and blogger who acquired notoriety on TikTok under the username @hotbishtish1.


To Talyn, this was not fair and i apolgize that it was ever brought this far

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Talyn and Tish TikTok drama reddit

The Talyn and Tish TikTok show has enthralled large number of their adherents, and it appears to have been welcomed on by Reddit.

Talyn additionally stood in opposition to adherents who blamed her for improperly contacting Tish. “I got blamed for something,” she said. “It was an enormous misconception. Individuals I fault for this event are the Reddit bunches that savage me and dissect all that I do. They took something, they turned into this enormous thing that set off another person, which prompted allegations. I feel so miserable for everybody included on the grounds that it truly didn’t have to work out.”

All things considered, it appears like this entire difficulty was the consequence of some unreasonable video doctoring that gathered momentum into a lot greater circumstance. Fortunately, it appears like Tish and Talyn have streamlined things for the present.

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