What is the “brown noise” that is driving TikTok crazy?

TikTok is the “brown noise” generation, which is a variation of classic white noise. But what is this sound tasting drama? Here is our answer.

You probably already know about white noise. Such frequencies are found all over the internet, and there are more programs dedicated to transmitting such sounds on Spotify or YouTube. However, a recent hurricane came as a surprise and drove users of another platform crazy: TikTok. It’s all about brown noise, but what exactly is it and why is it so successful?

We’ll start by briefly explaining what white noise is. In short, it is a “blanket” created from sounds from all sides of the spectrum. It covers from those at low frequencies to those emitted at the highest frequencies. This noise creates a steady stream of soft sound.

Such sounds can be found in nature. From a drizzle to the gentle flow of a stream, to the breeze filtering through the leaves of the trees. Sounds that humans have classified as “relaxing” when heard since time immemorial.

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What exactly is brown noise?

But then what is brown noise? Very simple. If white noise covers sounds of all frequencies, brown noise highlights deeper notes. Thus, it manages to eliminate high frequencies, providing a deeper and calmer experience than white noise.

Heavy rain, thunder and flowing rivers can be associated with such sounds. The name Brown Noise is given not only from a color but also from Scottish scientist Robert Brown, who created the equation to create it.

In 1800, Brown was studying the behavior of pollen particles in water. To better understand his movements, he decided to create a formula that would allow him to predict them. When this formula is used to produce electronic sounds, it results in the famous “brown noise”.

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TikTok seems to have nailed a trend for the first time

Various studies published on sites like ResearchGate and conducted by organizations such as the University of Sweden, Lund University of Cognitive Sciences in Sweden, and the Department of Psychology at New York University comment on the various benefits of such voices. can carry.

For example, white noise has shown great benefits in verbal working memory as well as in the cognitive performance of the listener. This improvement is most pronounced in individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder traits; a psychiatric diagnosis that makes this area of ​​the brain particularly difficult to work with.

Although brown noise has still not been adequately studied by researchers, TikTok users are already saying that they feel better listening to this version. According to them, the benefits are greater and more effective in silencing thoughts, increasing concentration and productivity.

Of course, personal experience cannot be compared at least to a methodological study of this phenomenon, but that’s all we have so far. It certainly seems to be one of the most streamed audios today without a doubt, and seeing the number of reproductions this type of content has on platforms like YouTube or Spotify gives us a clear answer.

The community has never been the same since it was discovered by TikTok users. Some have gone too far to claim that it “cures” their ADHD. Of course, these claims can only be exaggerated, because this is an inconvenience that cannot be “removed”.

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