What is LoL Graphs?

What are LoL Graphics? A system that shows you warriors, encounters and summoner ranks to analyze your LoL chances every day.

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LoL Graphs show you a lot about LoL champions, summoners. For example, what are these? For example, you can look at the world Talon rankings and the US zed rankings. Or you can see how far you are in the champion you are playing. There is more. For example, you are zed main and you can view your zed performance in statistics with various titles. For example, you are in the gold league. You can see if the number of minions you make is more or less than the number of minions per minute the average gold zed makes. Damage per minute, assists, massacre participation, control totem usage and so on. So how do we look at all this?

First of all, type LoL graphs in your browser and log in to the site.

Enter your summoner name in the Enter champion or summoner name field in the top right. And search. Your profile, your matches, your champion’s performances will appear on the right, where you rank in a champion. For example, when you want to check your zed performance, enter your summoner name and type zed in the champion section on the left after logging in to the page and click on it. And your zed performance will appear. In titles. For example, you can see your statistics with titles such as zed lover, zed addict. You can see the statistics of all zed normal and ranked flex matches.

You can check how far you are in America. In order to see the best zedi in America, it will be enough to type Best US Zed Players LoL Graphs in your browser and click on the first site that comes up. You can discover a lot of new things by visiting the site and examining it.

NOTE: If you do not have a rank to be scored in any champion you play, it will not be displayed on the screen.

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