What Happened to TikToker Jorobe? Why Was Jorobe Banned From TikTok?

Previous well known TikToker John Robert Bell, or @jorobe, has his devotees contemplating whether he’s been restricted from the application in the wake of confronting allegations of preparing. Both of his TikTok accounts, which once had a huge number of devotees each, are as of now not on the stage.

John used to have two famous records on TikTok, @jorobe and @jorobeirl, where he had in excess of 5 million supporters joined. On these records, he would frequently get down on different designers and was regularly viewed as socially sensitive, as he supposedly needed to make the site a more secure spot for youthful clients.

However, notwithstanding the good natured picture John endeavored to put on the web, he as of late confronted charges from another TikToker of prepping.

What Happened to TikToker Jorobe Why Was Jorobe Banned From TikTok GMSPORS

What Befell TikToker Jorobe?

American TikTok VIP John Robert Bell – also known as Jorobe – has left his adherents confused get-togethers vanishing from the stage.

It’s get-togethers TikTok clients blamed him for preparing young people through the stage.

The claims have not been checked, yet it seems the web VIP has made his records private at this point.

Who is Jorobe?

Jorobe is an American TikTok content maker who’s known for his recordings ‘That Vegan Teacher’ and ‘The Brandon Robert.’

Jorobe has been depicted to have consistently kept things quite sensitive in his analysis recordings and had a mission to cause online media to feel like a protected spot for youngsters.

Brought into the world on thirteenth August 1993, the 27-year-old evidently began utilizing TikTok in June 2019 and collected a gigantic after.

He has two TikTok accounts: @jorobe and @jorobeirl, which altogether have more than 5.7 million adherents.

Following a series of claims against him, Bell has now made the entirety of his records private.

What are the claims?

TikTok client Dylan (@dylg16) who has in excess of 345,000 devotees has stood up on TikTok about Jorobe.


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During the video (underneath), Dylan called Jorobe “probably the greatest faker I have at any point met in my life.” He said that Jorobe DM’d him and attempted to get him to meet him in a B&B for his eighteenth birthday celebration.

Dylan said Jorobe offered to get him liquor in the event that he went with him and was asking him when he turned 18. Dylan said he inquired as to whether others would go along with them, however that Jorobe appeared to avoid the inquiry.