What happened to TikTok star Digital Princxss aka Marissa Cloutier?

A photo of TikTok star Digital Princxss mugshot has gone viral. What happened to Marissa Cloutier, aka Digital Princxss?

On August 27, TikTok star Digital Princxss Arrested? Are the allegations about the Tiktok girl true?

What happened to tiktok star digital princess aka marissa cloutier gmspors

Digital Princxss, otherwise known as Marissa Cloutier, turned into a web sensation on Twitter yesterday as a mugshot of herself and court records coursed on the web. The Adult TikToker quickly made all her online media accounts private yet delivered a message on the video-sharing stage.

This isn’t the first run through the Pokemon devotee experiences ended up in difficulty with the law. Cloutier was sued by gaming monster Nintendo for copyright encroachment while utilizing the username Pokeprincxss. That is the reason she presently calls herself “Digital Princxss.”

This isn’t simply the first run through Marissa has found in quite a while. Beforehand, Digital Princxss, who passed by the username Pokeprincxss, was sued by Nintendo because of copyright encroachment. Presently, she has ended up in new dramatization and fans have been searching for certain answers.


On August 27, a mugshot of Marissa alongside supposed court archives turned into a web sensation. The post comprised of subtleties that were purportedly shared by the Lee Country Sheriff’s Office.

In it, the justification her capture was claimed to be kid disregard. The image likewise noticed that Marissa was delivered around the same time. Since individuals have gone over the post, a few of them have been sharing their contemplations on the equivalent.

Simultaneously, a few fans have been attempting to get her ‘dropped’ while requesting more replies.


After the post became a web sensation, Marissa made all her online media accounts private. In any case, she had delivered a TikTok video revealing some insight into the occurrence.

In it, Marissa conceded she had been captured yet asserted not everything on the web is valid. She said: “Hello folks, I simply needed to come on here and say I do see your remarks, I do see your interests. I’m making an effort not to stow away or stay away from the circumstance. For those of you who realize how legitimate stuff functions, lawfully, I am just permitted to say as much with respect to it.”

She proceeded: “I know there are a great deal of things being posted on the web and they are particularly outside any connection to the issue at hand and especially false. Kindly don’t accept all that you would peruse on the web.”

She finished up the post by saying: “I can’t actually say substantially more. I simply need to say many thanks for the individuals who have upheld me and everything like that. Much thanks to you, folks.”


In October 2020, Marissa uncovered she needed to rebrand herself and change her name to Digital Princxss as Nintendo was against her having pokeprincxss. According to Game Rant, her username was motivated by Nintendo’s Pokemon establishment.

She had begun to sell stock dependent on the equivalent. A portion of her merchandise was likewise motivated by Pokemon. Months after this, she had gotten a quit it by Nintendo as the organization didn’t need individuals to think they were teaming up.

The issue was at last settled after the youthful substance maker chose to rebrand her online media presence.

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