What Happened to Samir Nasri?

Are you wondering what Samir Nasri, one of the most recognizable names in the football world, has been up to lately?

He was once one of the best football players in France. Samir Nasri announced that he ended his football career due to the injuries he received and the sudden decline in his football career.

Samir Nasri’s last appearance

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Samir Nasri, who also wore Antalyaspor jersey, one of the Super League teams for a period, and left football last season, returned to the green fields again in the aid match. The last image of the French former football player stunned football fans.

The last appearance of Samir Nasri, who played for Antalyaspor for a while and put an end to his active football career last month, created a surprise.

Nasri, who played in Belgian team Anderlecht two seasons ago and decided to quit football after spending the last season without a club, said that receiving a doping penalty played a big part in this decision.

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On the subject, Nasri said, “It hurt me a lot at that time and changed my relationship with football. Therefore, I decided to quit. I never did doping, I was wronged. I took vitamin supplements for my injury and became a victim of it.”

Nasri, who grew up in the infrastructure of Marseille and wore the jerseys of top teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City and Sevilla throughout her career, was transferred to Antalyaspor at the beginning of the 2017/18 season.

Spotted at Unicef ​​and Drogba Foundation Match

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Nasri, who did not receive much media coverage after quitting football, took the field in a charity match organized by Unicef ​​and Drogba Foundation to contribute to the education access of Ivory Coast children.

The image of the French former football player, who was seen to have gained a lot of weight and had a belly button, stunned football fans.

After leaving Manchester City, Nasri, who signed with Antalyaspor for an annual salary of 4 million euros, was greeted with great enthusiasm in Antalya.

The French football player, who could not show the expected performance, left Antalyaspor in January 2018 after receiving a doping penalty.

Nasri, who fell ill with meningitis in his last season in Marseille, recalls the days when he returned from death, “In my last year in Marseille, I stayed in the hospital for 12 days from the diagnosis of meningitis. I can say that I came back from death. I cling to life as a result of the great efforts of doctors. “I saw that you were not with me in my time. This was a good life lesson for me at a time when I was grappling with death. Everyone was with me on my good days, but there was no one with me on my bad days of 12 days.”

Good Old Days

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“What a team that was 🔥🔥🔥 17/05/2004 euro 17 final”

Samir Nasri remembered the good old days in his Instagram account. He shared a photo of the old france showing the strong staff and their youth.

The 2004 UEFA European Under-17 Championship was the third edition of UEFA’s European Under-17 Football Championship. France hosted the championship, during 4–15 May. Host France defeated Spain in the final to win the competition for the first time.

Samir Nasri’s Model Girlfriends

Besides his talent as a football player, Samir Nasri is known for his off-pitch diversions and passionate love stories. However, when her child was born, she decided to change her behavior, asking the media to be proud of herself when she was old enough to hear about her father.

He had several relationships before meeting the person with whom he wanted to start a family, a family that the athlete did his best to protect, to whom he did not reveal either the name of his friend, nor the gender or name of his child. We invite you to return to the other women who have left their mark on the talented athlete’s life.

Tatiana golovin

The idyll between the football player and the former tennis player of Russian origin started in 2008, it is a beautiful love story that they lived in London as Samir Nasri was developing within the Arsenal team at that time. Next to the athlete, the young man developed and gained self-confidence, even thinking about starting a family.

They lived together for three years, everyone thought that they returned the perfect love. Unfortunately, in 2011, the two athletes decided to break up for unknown reasons, but they always remained in good relations, which did not apply to the subsequent love story of Samir Nasri.

Anaara atanes

The relationship between the professional football player and the British model began in 2013 when they met in a nightclub. They suddenly fall in love with each other and it becomes the beginning of a passionate love story.

It must be said that Anara Atanes was warm-blooded in the 2014 World Cup elections, when Didier Deschamps decided not to choose Samir Nasri.

Sharing with cznburak has been watched by millions

cznburak and Samir shared a video together. The French football player met with the Turkish tik tok phenomenon. Cznburak is currently one of the most popular celebrities on tiktok. The video of them meeting with Nasri has been watched millions of times on social media.

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