What happened to Chow Wai-yin? Yoga instructor killed?

Chow Wai-yin never left the hotel she entered! The young trainer was found stabbed 30 times in the tub, and the cops went straight into action

A 23-year-old yoga instructor named Chow Wai-yin was found stabbed 30 times in a hotel in Hong Kong. While the mobile phone of the young woman who was killed hours before her flight to the USA was reported missing, the police arrested Wai-yin’s ex-girlfriend.

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Yoga instructor, also known as Aqua Chow on social media, was brutally murdered in a hotel room. The police found the lifeless body of the young instructor in the tub full of blood.

The lifeless body of the young woman, who was stabbed in 30 places in a brutal way, was found in the tub covered in blood. Police teams, who stated that there was evidence showing that there was a brawl throughout the room, reached all of Wai-yin’s belongings, except for her mobile phone.

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The police, who called the mobile phone, drew attention to the fact that there may be important conversations between the two on the device.

After Wai-yin’s death, the police, who examined the security camera footage of the hotel, watched the duo’s arrival at the hotel.

Police said the knife used was taken by the suspect before he entered the hotel, and they believe the murder may have been planned. Source: Mynet

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Yoga instructor Chow Wai-yin, 23, was found dead in a Ritz hotel bathroom with 30 stab wounds while police were searching for a phone with a “spooky communication” feature.

“A forensic pathologist’s initial investigation reveals that the woman sustained more than 30 knife wounds to the limbs and her body in the front and rear,” he said.

According to him, Chow may have died from eight stab wounds to the throat and left side of her chest.

Chow might have been murdered before being placed in the bathtub, according to a source.

When her body was discovered, she was dressed and wearing shoes.

According to the source, “Blood was found on the floor, walls, bed, and nearly everywhere else in the room.”

According to reports, Chow was scheduled to travel to the US early on Thursday.

When the yoga instructor’s mother was unable to reach her and realised she had not boarded the flight, she reported her missing at around 1pm on Thursday.

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Chow was seen leaving her apartment, where she lived alone, with her ex-boyfriend at around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, according to surveillance footage.

He was reportedly detained the previous year on accusations of threatening Chow before their breakup in December.

Around 4am on Friday, police searched a Mercedes-Benz in front of the detained suspect as he was brought to a public housing estate’s parking lot.

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