What happened in the stadium and on the field while Christian Eriksen was given CPR?

What happened in the stadium and on the field when Christian Eriksen was given CPR? Christian Eriksen recounted those moments on CPR in Heroes… Simon Kjaer was only able to admit this to his family…

Christian Eriksen, who died of a heart attack in the Denmark – Finland match played in EURO 2020, brought the heart of the whole world to its mouth. The Danish actress, who was given CPR for about 10 minutes to hold on to life, struggled for minutes on that fine line between death and life.

But were these minutes just minutes for everyone? Or did it seem like a year to some… Witnesses of the most traumatic event in the green fields in recent years told those seconds and minutes… How did the reporter who received the news talk while Simon Kjaer could only talk to his mother? Did he feel historical photography when he saw Eriksen like this?

What happened in the stadium and on the field while christian eriksen was given cpr 3 gmspors

What happened on the field when Christian Eriksen had a heart attack?

The echoes of Christian Eriksen’s traumatic illness, who had a heart attack in the 42nd minute of the fight between Denmark and Finland in Group B in the European Football Championship and survived after a heart attack that lasted for minutes, continue.

The 29-year-old football player, who was given CPR for about 10 minutes after collapsing on the field and then removed from the field on a stretcher, brought the heart of the whole football world to his mouth. Working as a cardiologist when Eriksen wore the Tottenham jersey, Prof. Dr. Sanjay Sharma said that the star player is technically dead for a few minutes.

Speaking to the UK’s National News Agency, Sharma said: “Obviously, a lot of things went wrong when he fell, but they managed to turn him around. The real question here is: What happened and why? I know. To be honest, I don’t. Ignore this before saying anything specific. We shouldn’t: Eriksen died for a few minutes, but will the experts let him die once again? Absolutely not.”

What happened in the stadium and on the field while christian eriksen was given cpr 2 gmspors

Christian Eriksen First Responder with Morten Boesen and Anders Boesen

Let’s start with the doctors Morten Boesen and Anders Boesen, who gave the first professional intervention to Christian Eriksen… Let’s get to know these two heroes a little better and then move on to the interview given by their close friends…

Morten Boesen has been FC Copenhagen’s club doctor since 2004. Head of the health division, Boesen deals with both treatments and surgical interventions. Since March 2019, he has been working at the national team level with the permission of the Danish Football Association.

The other doctor, with whom Morten Boesen provided first aid to Christian Eriksen, is his brother Anders Boesen… He also works in FC Copenhagen’s medical team, just like his older brother. Accredited by UEFA as a stadium doctor with the status of an independent doctor to be consulted in an emergency.

The two brothers are also former professional badminton players. In particular, Anders Boesen even managed to be number 3 in the world in the heyday of his career…

An unnamed close friend of the Boesen brothers describes those moments as follows:

In fact, their daily work is dealing with injuries, treating players’ knees… Not saving lives… But when those moments happened, they were both ready. Morten is a very clear doctor. He knows what he is good at and speaks only what he knows. Therefore, he refrained from making statements that could lead to speculation about the heart attack at the press conference.

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Simon Kjaer Recounts the Incident

A close friend of Simon Kjaer, one of the heroes of the day, tells that the experienced player told his family that his feet did not go on the field and he was removed from the game when the match restarted:

“I don’t think anyone in the stadium wanted the match to be played. It was a really strange decision to force the players to play. UEFA offered to play it on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. So is this a healthy solution? It’s not possible to do something physically when everyone is in such shock Kjaer was only able to talk to his mother after the game.”

It was alleged that uefa pressured the match to continue at the moment christian eriksen was fighting for his life 2 gmspors

“The players formed a circle around Christian. It was a very difficult sight to watch. When we saw that painting, we realized that the situation was very serious. Not only the Danish players, but also the Finnish players were crying. The minutes seemed very long. 9 of the Danish players formed a circle, everyone stayed where they were. There were at least 16,000 people in the stands, but there was no sound. It was a touching moment. Then a few fans tried to cheer for Christian Eriksen, but it didn’t work. They stopped. No one knew what to do. Would it be good for him to stay silent or cheer by his name? ..”

When the players shielded Christian Eriksen, we started to worry about him. Many people in the stadium did not even know whether he was alive or not. Even I found out a few minutes later from social media. I saw a lot of injuries, but this was a very different feeling. Everyone felt like this. I got goosebumps. He fell to the ground as if he had been shot with a gun. The audience couldn’t understand. The tickets were sold out, there were 16,500 fans in the stands. However, they started to leave the stadium due to the emotional trauma they experienced. Some may have traumatic memories of losing loved ones in their past. They may have left so that the same pain would not be triggered. Some left with the thought that the match would not continue.

Finnish Captain Tim Sparv explains that at first they could not understand what happened and the only thing that came to their mind was to get out of the way:

I thought Christian Eriksen was fouled or slipped into someone. However, after 5-10 seconds, we saw the players talking towards him. They rushed to see if he was okay, if he was breathing. And after a few seconds, there was this feeling; “Damn! What’s going on?” You may have come across such tables before, but you are still afraid of the worst-case scenario. Things got more stressful and shocking when she realized what had happened. The first thing that came to our mind was to get out of the way and go to our bench. While trying to make sense of what was going on among ourselves, we were also looking for signs of whether he was alive or not.

Everything took too long. Then they moved on to CPR. It was a very traumatic experience for everyone. There were children among the crowd in the stands. I hope everyone can get the psychological support they need. Because it will stay in everyone’s mind for a long time… The referee of the match may be the key name in the middle of all the events. He remained very calm and was able to empathize with us. The way he communicated with everyone and the way he dealt with what happened was fantastic for me. Congratulations to him and his colleagues. It was a very difficult experience for them too.

It was alleged that uefa pressured the match to continue at the moment christian eriksen was fighting for his life 1 gmspors

Friedemann Vogel, who took a provincial photograph showing Christian Eriksen’s well-being, tells the story of the iconic square that will go down in history as follows:

As a photographer working on behalf of the pool serving international agents, I decided to publish this relaxing and hopeful frame about vital functions. I leave the decision of the agencies and editors to use this frame entirely at their discretion. Within minutes of posting the photo, I received many thank you messages. I’ve given people hope that everything will be okay. In addition to the thanks, there were also those who insulted and got angry. I accept any criticism of my work, but it must be respectful and ethical. I sincerely apologize if the photo I took upset anyone.

Another unidentified fan watching the match at the stadium states that the Danish player’s health status was announced 40 minutes later:

We didn’t get any information about Christian Eriksen’s condition for a very long time. Maybe 40 minutes later they announced over the loudspeakers that his condition was stable. As soon as he heard it, everyone started clapping and cheering. It’s a very nice scent. The best part was what the Finnish fans did. The Finns were shouting Christian, we Eriksen, as Christian Eriksen was taken off the field on a stretcher. It was a very emotional sequence. We had beers and snacks on hand but after what happened we wanted to have coffee. Only he came from among us. But there was no coffee left in the stadium. Everyone started drinking coffee after this trauma.

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