What does Sizing up mean on TikTok? Tiktokers wonder the meaning of size increase

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the changing meanings of slang these days. A video on Tiktok has become a trend, along with the city dictionary.

After the video taken by a user on Tiktok, it began to be wondered what ‘SIZING UP’ means. The video taken by the Tiktok girl on this subject continues to move towards the top of the trends.

What does sizing up mean on tiktok tiktokers wonder the meaning of size increase gmspors

Tiktok Resize Urban Dictionary

TikTok watchers have been responding to the video which professed to uncover what ‘evaluating’ truly implies. The data comes from Urban Dictionary and watchers have been left upset on account of something similar.

Previously, TikTok clients have run over different patterns that may have in any case gone undetected. As of late, a few clients have been bouncing on Google to discover the significance behind ‘evaluating.’ Over the years, the straightforward meaning of the word has gone through different slang terms, and another one appears to have showed up at this point.


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For as long as a few days, a TikTok video that professed to know the genuine importance of evaluating has been going around on the web. The video characterizes the word by considering what is written in the Urban Dictionary.

On the off chance that you have watched the video, you know precisely what we mean by the definition. In the event that you haven’t, you can look at it here. While a few group have been left stunned by something very similar, we are here to reveal to you that no, evaluating DOES NOT mean what is given there.

Truth be told, a few group via web-based media have additionally approached and said the definition is simply made by one of the online media clients. In the event that you take a gander at the Urban Dictionary site, you would see that the definition was altered on July 16, 2021, by a client named “alexjones420.”

It is muddled who is the individual behind this username. Nonetheless, given the date of adjustment, unmistakably the alter was made around the very time as the TikTok video that became famous online. As a general rule, that was not the real definition given on the site.

city ​​dictionary what real overview

According to Vocabulary, the genuine importance of evaluating is “to assess or basically survey a person or thing.”

TikTok clients have been left confounded by the implying that is being shared on the stage. Some even responded to something very similar. One client expressed: “I JUST LEARNED WHAT “evaluating somebody” MEANS IM GONNA CRY.”

Another additional: “just discovered what evaluating implies. I disdain young men.” “Just discovered what evaluating implies. men are so peculiar.”

While the name may have you persuaded that it is a significant site of definitions, in actuality, Urban Dictionary is a publicly supported word reference. To put it plainly, anybody can alter the site and put a definition that they might want.

The site was first made by Aaron Peckham in 1999. Following this, few individuals utilized the site to share the importance behind words. Be that as it may, it likewise prompted a few group abusing the site. The meaning of evaluating fits well into why the site ultimately lost believability.

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