What does it take to be a supermodel with the BitLife Model?

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What Kind of Game Is BitLife?

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Currently, UI based games and especially UI based life simulation games are very popular. Life Simulations is a game genre where you control a randomly generated character from birth to death. Examples of these are: friendships, family relationships, school, profession, registry, etc. We can list many things. Of course, this scope is different in every game. Today we will introduce one of these games, BitLife.

BitLife is a mobile life simulation. It was released for iOS in 2018, and the Android version was released in 2019. The game uses a mixed language of slang and humor. Since the game is in English, you need to have good English to play the game.

As in all other life simulations, you start the game with a random character at the age of 0, in a random country. There is an age jump button in the middle of the screen. You have to press it and move forward. Up to 18 features unlock over time. After 18, it is fully opened.

There are random events until you reach 18. Like getting a pet in the family, being bullied at school, being harassed by the teacher, fighting with your sibling. Apart from this, you can do actions such as asking for pocket money from the family, traveling with the family.

Of course, there is the school in this process. After graduating from high school, you need to have a high level of intelligence to go to university. If your intelligence level is high, you can apply to the university in the department you want. If you are accepted after applying, they want around 50-60 thousand dollars from you. You can pay this in 3 different ways:

  1. With Student Loan: After you finish school and find a job related to your department, you start paying in installments every year.
  2. Request from the family: Your family will cover your school expenses. You have to ask for this, if they accept, you start reading.
  3. Government Scholarship: If you are a very smart student, the government gives you a scholarship and you go to university with zero expense.

There is only your parents and siblings in the game, there is no such thing as over. Your new sibling may be born, your sibling, mother, father, pet may die. This situation continues in various ways in the later parts of your life and you can become an uncle/uncle/aunt/aunt/father/mother. Your nieces, children, spouse may die.

Apart from this, there are many functions such as buying a car, buying a house, committing a crime, going to jail and escaping, going on vacation, immigrating to another country. And the game is very detailed.

Do you want to be a BitLife model?

What does it take to be a supermodel with the bitlife model 1 gmspors

Joke joke! With the BitLife model, of course, you will not be a model in real life. However, we need to talk about what you need to do to be a BitLife model in the game.

As the name proposes, being a BitLife model will imply that your personality’s full-time calling will be in the style business. In a differing scope of jobs, you’ll stir things up around town, draw the consideration of the paparazzi, and develop your own fanbase. Being a BitLife model will without a doubt put you on the map. Also, the greater you get, the more photoshoots, business jobs, and open doors (like composing your self-portrayal) you’ll be given.

By and large, need to move gradually up this stepping stool. Foot Models are seen as being underneath Runway Models here. Assuming you first attempt and apply for one of the greater jobs, it’s far-fetched that you’ll be offered a meeting. Be that as it may, when you get going as a Foot Model and construct an arrangement of work, insight, and association, you’ll then, at that point, begin to see advancements and bids for employment come your direction.

Necessities For Becoming A Model In BitLife

At the point when you are prepared to begin demonstrating, there are a few things you ought to know ahead of time. Here is a rundown of the prerequisites you want to satisfy to turn into a model.

You, most importantly, ought to graduate secondary school: this will give you an early advantage in the business.
Second, your looks detail ought to be high: you should be appealing for your profession to take off. To build your looks, go to the rec center or take strolls. On the off chance that you don’t feel like self-working on yourself, in actuality, and need a handy solution, utilize plastic medical procedure!

How To Become A Model In BitLife?

Since it is now so obvious what the prerequisites for turning into a model are, now is the right time to discuss how precisely can one approach accomplishing this profession.

Demonstrating is certainly not a basic calling, however in the event that you are sufficiently tireless, it will pay off. Here are a few hints to assist you with beginning.

  • Above all else, ensure that your body is satisfactory with the business norms.
  • Attempt to get a high look detail began before you begin contemplating doing anything more in BitLife. At the point when you are mature enough, this ought to be your main need. All of your other details will really rely on how attractive you are, so you must make a point to consistently refresh this.
  • At the point when you are mature enough, go to the exercise center and begin strolling. This will assist with expanding your looks significantly further since this is one of the details that can be expanded by work out.
  • When you escape school and into adulthood, now is the right time to get a new line of work. You are explicitly searching for the foot model vocation since this is one of the harder ones to accomplish in BitLife, and you will actually want to go around a lot with it!
  • In the event that you see no positions accessible, nothing bad can really be said about maturing up or leaving out of your application so the positions are all revived. Like that, you can get a new pack of new ones to check out!
  • Ensure that you pick the difficult work choice while going after positions. This will assist with expanding your profession execution, which is something that can be truly challenging to accomplish in BitLife!
  • When you can begin functioning as a foot model, make a point to look at each of the various kinds of shoots with the goal that you can become accustomed to various things. Along these lines, it will be simpler for you to turn into a hand model, etc!
  • After the foot model, you will actually want to transform it into a hand model. When you arrive at this point, it’s OK to require some investment off of work so your presentation can go up and you become more popular!
  • In the end, when enough time has elapsed, you will get a proposal from one of the enormous design brands lastly be made into an index model. This is nothing to joke about in BitLife and will help support your details significantly further!
  • After inventory demonstrating, you can turn into an underwear model before at last turning into a runway model.
  • When you arrive at the highest point of your displaying profession, this is the point at which you can at long last turn into a supermodel and make progress.
  • Generally, turning into a supermodel in BitLife is about karma and sitting tight for chances to come your direction. Be patient, and ultimately, you ought to arrive with sufficient time put into this application!

What Are The Perks Of Being A BitLife Model?

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It unquestionably won’t come as any unexpected that the primary advantage of being a BitLife model is the cash. Selling feet pics will not acquire you boatloads of money (it isn’t so practical), however ascend the BitLife model profession stepping stool and you’ll gradually begin to see your checks swell from many dollars to well into the large numbers. As an afterthought, supported photoshoots, composing books, and showing up in plugs get help your compensation further.

On top of the undeniable monetary advantages, in the event that you figure out how to ascend the stepping stool and become an in all actuality striking model with a strong virtual entertainment following, you’ll open the Fame trademark. From that point, you can participate in additional tasks to bring in cash and at any point face strong adversaries in the BitLife Model industry.

Furthermore, that ought to be all that you want to be aware of being a BitLife model. We’ve gone over how to turn into a model, the prerequisites you want to meet, and the advantages you get for ascending the professional bureaucracy. Outfitted with this information, you’ll shake the catwalk in a matter of moments by any means.

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