What do women want most during their period?

Menstrual period is one of the most frequent changes in emotions for women. During this period, you may feel frustrated, sometimes tired, and you may not know exactly what you want. So, what do women want during their period? Here we have brought together the things that women want most at the time of menstruation.

Requests of women during menstrual period?

Women want desserts during menstruation: We want to eat more chocolate and cake under the influence of our hormones. Get a dessert for a few days before your lover’s menstrual period. You will see, it will strive to make you more happy.

Women want to be understood during menstruation: Even women who are calm and positive in general can be nervous and tense during the menstrual period. So it needs extra attention and understanding. This change in our mood is temporary, in a few days the storm will rest and everything will return to normal. Be understanding with your lover in the menstrual period, it will pass soon.

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Women want to make love during the menstrual period: Some men accept women as a forbidden area during their menstrual period. However, women may need more attention during this period. Anyone may not want to have sexual intercourse during menstruation, it is perfectly normal. Hug your boyfriend during the menstrual period and tell them that it is very beautiful.

Women want to rest during the menstrual period: Menstrual pain can be very tiring for some women, they may want to rest in bed all day, let alone doing housework. At such times, we advise you to be understanding with your lover and even help with housework. If you are with your lover in this difficult time, he will be grateful to you and do his best to make you happy.

Women want sensuality during the menstrual period: Women who normally do not like romantic comedy movies may be a full movie addict during their menstrual period. We know that the man does not like movies with such emotional and happy ending. However, can’t you be patient for the sake of your lover for a few hours? Choose a few of the most popular romantic movies of all time, offer to watch your lover. You will be very happy between a warm blanket and your strong arms.

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