What Do We Know About Amber Heard’s Baby?

For more than 2 years, Amber Heard often comes to the fore because of the lawsuit between her and Johnny Depp. However, Actress and Model Amber Heard is now trying to get her life in order with a mother and her baby.

35-year-old Hollywood actor Amber Heard announced that she was having a baby in 2021 and managed to surprise everyone.

Amber Laura Heard has actually become the mother of a sweet baby, and let’s reveal what we know about her.

Amber heard had a good time in the kitchen with her daughter 3 gmspors

What We Know About Amber Heard and Her Baby

Famous actress Amber Heard announced that she is the mother of a baby girl. Heard, who named her daughter after her mother, commented on the baby, “She is the beginning of the rest of my life”.

Amber Heard, who is constantly on the agenda with the violence and compensation cases she filed with her ex-wife Johnny Depp, is on the agenda this time with the news of motherhood.

Famous actress Amber Heard surprisingly announced to her fans that she has a daughter.

The 35-year-old American star shared the news on social media.

What do we know about amber heards baby 2 gmspors

Amber Heard gave birth to a daughter by surrogate mother

Famous US actress Amber Heard, who was told by doctors that she could not have children naturally, took her baby in her arms with the surrogate mother method. Announcing the birth of her baby three months later, Heard had a baby girl.

What Is Amber Heard’s Baby Name?

Famous American actress Amber Heard took her baby in her arms with the surrogacy method. Announcing the birth of her baby three months later, Heard announced that her name was Oonagh Paige.

In the image, the 3-month-old is perched on her lap wearing a lovable weaved cap, while the mother is caught up with chipping away at a PC. The ‘Aquaman’ entertainer amazed the world with the news that she has invited her first youngster – a young lady named Oonagh Paige Heard.

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Description of Amber Heard Baby

A source close to Heard told the New York Post, “Oonagh is absolutely brilliant. Amber is intoxicated with happiness. She always knew she wanted to be a mother, her biggest wish came true. He is grateful to the wonderful woman who brought Oonagh into the world.”

Heard, who gave the name of her mother Paige, who passed away last year, to her daughter, said under the first frame she shared on social media, “I am so excited to share your news. 4 years ago I decided I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to do it on my own terms. My daughter was born on April 8th. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. It was the beginning of the rest of my life.”

Amber Heard, both mother and father of daughter Oonagh

As a single mother, Amber Heard has to give her daughter a much more careful family education. She has to be both mother and father, especially for his little baby.

Amber Heard announced that she would do anything for her daughter and treat her like a mother and a father.

What do we know about amber heards baby 3 gmspors

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