What do the animal masks of Squid Game VIPs mean?

The different masks worn by the VIPs who watch the games and finance the prize money in Netflix’s South Korean production series Squid Game, which is popular all over the world, have meanings.

The animal masks of the Squid Game VIPs attracted a lot of attention. Especially many clothes and masks in the Squid Game began to break sales records.



Squid Game’s surreal animal masks are designed to imply VIPs’ inhumane view of deadly games. Masks also represent power and wealth as they are made of gold.

However, some animal masks may have deeper meanings. For example, deer are considered divine animals that take shamans to heaven in some regions. This could mean that the person wearing the mask is a religious or spiritual leader.

On the other hand, the tiger mask contains references to the Siberian tiger, which is seen as one of the symbols of South Korea, and it probably belongs to a politician.

It is thought that the tortoiseshell mask may belong to a stockbroker, since the bull is one of the symbols widely used in the financial industry.

The fact that the VIP, who later turns out to be Oh Il-nam, wears an owl mask is a reference to his intelligence.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, recently stated that if a second season is filmed, the script could focus on another masked character, the Manager.

Therefore, possible future seasons of the series may reveal the secrets of the powerful names behind the masks.