What did Playboy model Cris Galera want from Santa?

Playboy model Cris Galera stunned everyone with her last request from Santa Claus after her bold posts on social media.

The Brazilian phenomenon has made a request for a bigger hip this year. Galera, who stated that all her wishes last year were fulfilled, carried her Christmas enthusiasm to her social media accounts early.

Her request from Santa Claus stunned everyone! “I want to have bigger hips”.

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Cris Galera, who managed to attract attention in a short time thanks to her bold posts on social media, got into the Christmas mood early. Posing in a Santa hat and underwear in front of the pine tree she decorated, Galera wished she had a bigger hip than Santa this year.

Galera, who said that she conveyed her wish to be the cover girl of a magazine to Santa Claus last year, raised the bar this year after her wish was granted. Stating that the fulfillment of her wishes last year increased her belief in the existence of Santa Claus, Galera said, “Last year I wanted to be a cover girl for Christmas and everything went really well. Last year’s requests were granted. Now I want to have a bigger butt this year,” she said.

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