What did Christian Chavez say about RBD reuniting with Dulce María?

Christian Chavez, have you ever wondered what RBD has to say about reuniting with Dulce María?

The singer also revealed the details of this tour planned for 2022.

Singer Christian Chávez has confirmed that the successful RBD group for the year 2022 is back, but this time it will be joined by Dulce María, who did not attend the 2020 reunion.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we started talking in April and were able to pay tribute to RBD’s music. Then, with both the people and Dulce María, we felt a lack of a scene to do it live, she was pregnant at the time so it was impossible for her to join us,” the actress says. also for MTV Brazil..

According to Chavez, there will be no Alfonso Herrera this time around, so the quintet will embark on a tour aiming to be closer than ever before with their fans. “Now we are together, talking and cheering each other up. Now we are 5 people. .. After 12 years in which many things have changed in our lives, having the opportunity to be on stage with people, with a remastered music, a new choreography, an incredible show, I think it will be something. …wow, I’m so excited,” he admitted.


Among the innovations that the band will present at the show, which is scheduled for 2022 and which features such names as Solo Quédate en Silencio, Sálvame, Rebelde, Un Poco de tu Amor y Ser o Parecer, “I think it takes me 4 hours. to sing all the songs,” said Christian.

“We’re going to work hard to mix it up because many fans wanted to hear a few of his hits for the last time and be able to do just about anything that appears on the playlist,” he confirmed.

Finally, he also talked about the general feeling of the group as they are very hopeful for everything they have planned. “There was so much emotion. We were so stressed and so happy. I think the magic was the most special. Even after 12 years we weren’t on stage together, we managed to form the same bond.”

Late last year, RBD held a meeting that was posted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Only Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, and Christopher Uckermann were present on this occasion, so the public was disappointed by the lack of an interpreter for Never and “Poncho” Herrera.

However, in interviews after the huge success of this transmission, Dulce María was calm about her decision not to be a part of this reunion, as she prioritized the fact that she would be a first-time mother.

“No, absolutely not (I’m sorry). It’s just because of my fear and everything I stand for, because of my pregnancy, because of the pandemic, I had to work hard to say no, and as you can see Any (Anahí) got into her family and it got into her family. Thank god they’re fine, but I wouldn’t forgive myself for being there and being infected, that’s exactly why I didn’t want to,” De Primera explained in an interview with Mano.

According to the singer, this caused a break between the cast of the novel Rebel, because after informing her colleagues of her decision and sending a voiceover explaining the reasons, no one answered her, and they cut off communication for a while.

“Last time I spoke to them, I said I couldn’t join the call, I sent a ten-minute message and no one answered me anymore. “I was expecting this support and this empathy, and it was my pregnancy after a very long time and at a very important moment for me.”