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What did Billie Eilish say about Vogue Poses?

Billie Eilish makes clear statements about her bras she shot for Vogue magazine. Billie explains what she was told and her dressing style.

Billie Eilish: My concern is not to affirm the body, but to do what I want.

The famous singer, who is the cover girl of Vogue by throwing neon green tones and loose-fitting clothes in her hair, stated that there is no body affirmation problem as thought. Saying that she dresses as she wants regardless of prejudices, the singer responded, “When you want to show your skin, you suddenly become a hypocritical, pointless, slutty and prostitute.”

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Known for her out-of-the-entertainment-industry-standard weight and outfits as well as her music, US singer Billie Eilish completely transformed her style for the June issue of Vogue magazine’s British edition. The 19-year-old singer, who is preparing to release her album ‘Happier Than Ever’ (Happier Than Ever), threw the neon green tones and loose clothes in her hair and made her appearance on the Vogue cover in the mood of Marilyn Monroe.

Billie Eilish tight corset

Billie Eilish, who shared the ‘blonde bombshell’ poses in tight corsets she gave to Vogue on her Instagram account, said in an interview she gave to the magazine, “I feel more woman somehow.” The artist, who previously wore a tiny tight vest and thin-strapped athlete to show her weight, stated that everyone knows that he did nothing in the classical pin-up area except for her private life.

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Eilish, who is regarded as a member of the body-as-is-affirmation movement, said that she was depressed because of her body in her childhood.

However, the artist warned, “Do not make me your role model because I excite you”, and stated that the preferences of clothing in the past were never due to body affirmation.

Speaking about the poses he gave to Vogue, “If you have a problem like body affirmation, why should you wear a corset? Why not show your real body,” Eilish emphasized, “My concern is to do what I want to do” and continued as follows:

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BILLIE EILISH (@billieeilish)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

“The whole point is what makes you feel good. If you want to have surgery, go get surgery. If you want to wear a dress that someone thinks will make you look too big, fuc” it – if you feel it looks good, you look good.”

“If you want to show your skin, you suddenly become a hypocrite, even a pimp, a slu* and a w*ore. If I am, I would be proud of it. Me and all the girls are she … we are pimp and throw it, okay? Let’s turn the matter around and get out of it stronger. to show, to show or not to show your skin should not take away your respect. “

‘Change is the greatest gift’

Eilish, who released the song and video titled ‘Your Power’ against sexual abusers and exploiters of underage children on April 29, said that during the pandemic period, he prepared her new album in the home studio of her brother Finneas, on this occasion he liked to write songs again and sound Explaining that she learned about engineering, she added:

“I grew so big and corrected my voice so much that it’s crazy to even think about it. I think change is one of the best gifts in the world.”

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