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What causes hair loss in women? Could There Be a Terrible Cause of Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss is one of women’s biggest nightmares. This problem, which is experienced by 1 out of 3 women, may increase after menopause due to the change in hormones. It is a fact that the psychology of women experiencing hair loss is also affected more than men! So, how to prevent hair loss? Is there a hair loss treatment?

Hair Loss And Treatment

1 in 3 women have hair loss problems throughout their lives. The reasons such as weakening of hair, loss or formation of cavities after menopause can be counted. Psychological effects of hair loss in women may be more severe than in men.

Male pattern hair loss is called ‘androgenic alopecia’ in women and men. Hair loss in men usually starts from the temples, when viewed from the front, the characteristic ‘M’ appearance is formed, the hills become sparse and generally progress towards baldness. It starts with the examination of the hair in women, and the dilutions continue at the top, and regression in the hairline is generally not observed, baldness is also not observed.

What are the causes of hair loss?
There are many reasons for hair loss in women; diseases, hormonal disorders, medication use, physical psychological stress and genetic predispositions … If you notice an abnormality in your hair, you should definitely consult your doctor.

How many types of hair loss are seen in women?
We divide hair loss in women into 3 types with ‘Ludwig Classification’. In type 1 shedding, the reduction in hair can be camouflaged by shaping the hair. Type 2 spillage results in a significant reduction in the midline line. Type 3 shedding, the scalp at the top of the head is now visible.

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What causes hair loss in women? Could There Be a Terrible Cause of Hair Loss in Women?

Hormones And Hair Loss

It takes the name ‘androgenic alopecia’ from androgens, these hormones perform similar tasks in both sexes. It is about sexual desire and the development of hairs. Abnormal production in the ovaries, pituitary gland or adrenal gland will affect this situation, we know that increased androgen activity is associated with baldness. It is easier to evaluate the hormonal status in men than in women. However, it is also necessary to see androgen activity in women.

Hair strengthening methods

It is useful to take the advice of your doctor from shampoo used to strengthen hair to nutritional supplements. Applications such as hair mesotherapy, hair-specific cocktails, hair vaccine, PRP constitute an important part of hair treatments. It is important to identify the problem in the treatment of hair loss. Hair transplantation procedures for women are also very successful after their underlying causes are under control.

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