What are the differences between men and women in sexuality?

Differences between men and women in sexuality

Women’s brains are 100 grams lighter, but their intuition is much stronger than men’s.
For example, if a man cheats, a woman realizes this with her intuition, but if a man does the same thing, she does not notice much with her intuition. The mechanism under it is also interesting.

According to a new study, love does not exceed two weeks and is said to have developed through the hormone called oxytocin. Just like antennas that sense signals, cells in your body have oxytocin receptors. When we are stressed or socializing, the level of hormones tends to go up.

Let’s list some of what we have learned from studies on the effects of oxytocin on the body and mind in recent years.

Oxytocin improves attachment
Pregnant women with high levels of oxytocin become much more attached to their babies during their first trimester, and compared to other women, their pregnancy and first months after birth are defined by more behaviors – singing, performing feeding and washing their babies in their own way. Studies show that this situation creates a special relationship between mother and baby.

Oxytocin strengthens relationships
The researchers compared the proportions of oxytocin in the urine and the associated hormone vasopressin in children adopted with biological children. When children communicate with their biological mothers, they seek the oxytocin rate, and the adopted oxytocin rate remains constant in adopted children. The fact that the adopted children experience a problem of trust is due to the deficiency of this hormone.

Oxytocin reduces stress
Research shows that the effects of tension, stress and depression decrease after oxytocin is injected into the body. Neurologists and some psychiatrists argue that hormones have more effective reflections in stressful environments.

Oxytocin And Woman

Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone that primarily acts as a neuromodulator in the brain. It is synthesized in the hypothalamus in the brain and is released from the posterior pituitary. Oxytocin is best known for its role in reproduction. Its role during and after birth is especially important.

Oxytocin crystallizes your emotional memories
Researches have revealed that oxytocin has effects that will strengthen the memories of men about their mothers. While the memories of men who have established good relationships with their mother are alive, the memories of men with weak ties with their mother become more effective as the effect of the oxide hormone increases.

Oxytocin facilitates birth and breastfeeding
Its best-known role is that the rate of oxytocin, which increases significantly during labor pains, is high in ensuring that the baby comes to the birth canal. Since 1900, physicists have used synthetic oxytocin, also known as to increase labor pains. After birth, these hormones play an active role in the opening of milk channels and milk production.

Oxytocin increases sexual arousal
In experiments, it shows that mice injected with oxytocin into brain fluid spontaneously harden in the penis. The chemicals in the brain that contain oxytocin constantly stimulate men while this is provoking. These chemicals become more intense as the bond between spouses increases. It is necessary to add that it is not the same for everyone.

Oxytocin improves social abilities
Oxytocin deficiency was found in those who tend to introvert. As the oxytocin rate increases, the lack of communication and inward closure rate, which is a character disorder, gradually decrease.

Oxytocin triggers protective motives
It has emerged as a result of researches that the oxytocin triggered the defense motive against all dangers against the social group it is in.

Does oxytocin induce sleep?

Stress-free situations often give warnings that cause oxytocin to sleep on the brain. Oxytocin fights cortisol, known as the stress hormone. Thus, it allows you to relax and have a comfortable sleep.

Does oxytocin refer to generosity?

In a study, a group of participants who took oxytocin or whose effects were created with placebo (non-drug counterfeit) through their noses, is asked to decide on sharing their money with strangers. 80% of those who take oxytocin say they can share. Researchers say that this hormone increases the ability to think about others. nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

So is everything that simple?

Of course not! Love doesn’t just arise with certain hormones. The adrenaline, which is located in the middle deep regions of the brain, also increases during the love period and adds excitement, spiritual and physical arousal to the work. Moreover, there is also the aspect that increases the spiritual aspect of the work and cannot be reduced to only one substance, but comes to us with genes.

Love and passion are different things. Even if passion, lust, is over, love can last a lifetime. Because there are images from the ancient times called archetypes in our brains. These are also present in our brain and self at birth.

While men often fall in love (anima) who look like their mothers or women who are important in their lives, women often give heart to men (animus) who look or resemble their fathers.

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