We don’t want 5G Technology Poles for Women’s Health

Many groups continue to protest 5G Technology. Especially after England, similar protests came to the USA. Especially the claims of 5G Teknoloji causing infertility in women belong to the protesters.

Women 5G Pole Protest

Many people on social media started to oppose 5g technology. Although 5G Technology is said by technology companies that offer a more modern life for humanity, many people are quite opposed to 5g technology.

Especially, it is claimed that 5G Poles trigger certain diseases in women. Protesters state that they do not want these base stations in their country, even if an unhealthy diet seems to be an important cause of especially female diseases.

It has been claimed that the people who have the 5G poles placed increase the risk of developing cancer especially in the sexual organs of women. These allegations do not contain any definitive evidence yet. Because many people are not even aware that their diseases have different causes.

Numerous women’s protest events began to emerge in the new period. There are evidences that there are many perception operations carried out especially for women. So 5G Technology Can Be Blocked?

5G Technology and Women

Despite all the protests for 5G Technology, many digital platforms and technology companies support this new revolution. People’s ideas seem to not be victorious against money.

Especially 5G Technology is Too Early to Cause Any Disease in Women.

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