We Answer Burning Questions About Squid Game

With the announcement of Squid Game 2, many viewers began to ask curious questions about the series. In this article, we will give you very important information about Squid Game.

In a frustrating game, the participants played a game of bridge from glass panels, not knowing which ones could bear its weight and which would shatter, then played our childhood marble game of how to get a Korean dessert out of shape without breaking it. and more…

The tournament itself comes to a bloody conclusion in Squid Game, a disturbing but intriguing Korean drama about a terrifying children’s games tournament. However, that doesn’t mean all of our Squid Game questions have been answered. Here are the answers to eight burning questions that viewers may have after watching the dystopian show.

Warning: The story below contains major spoilers for Squid Game, so if you haven’t watched all the episodes, come back and read this after you’ve finished. You don’t want to be spoiled with some plot twists.

Netflix announced: A second season is coming for Squid Game

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Netflix, which has recently experienced great losses and made radical changes within the company, undoubtedly trusts its productions such as Squid Game. In the new statement from the broadcasting giant, it was stated that the second season of Squid Game was given the green light.

Squid Game, which was published in the second half of 2021 and managed to influence the whole world in a short time, started working for the second season. The happy news for the series, which is defined as the most successful Netflix production of all time, came from its director, Hwang Dong-hyuk.

The latest statement released by Netflix included some details about Squid Game, including a special thank you to Hwang Dong-hyuk. It’s unclear when the second season of Squid Game will air, though.

Is The Squid Game based on a book?

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Squid Game looks like it will be a great novel or graphic novel. But right now you can’t get a Squid Game book to go to your bookstore and read.

According to Korean pop culture site Soompi, Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk said he got the idea for the show from a 2008 comic book about people playing games excessively. But he did not name the strip.

And it may not even be a single comic, as the director told the Korea Herald that he “reads a lot of comics and is fascinated by survival games.” Until Hwang goes out and talks about the reading material, all we have are guesses. It looks like Squid Game will now be made into a book because it’s so popular. Keep an eye on those bookshelves.

Some argue that Squid Game is similar to the 2014 Japanese movie As The Gods Will, directed by Takashi Miike. This movie itself is based on the Japanese manga. It also seems to have very similar scenes, including a childhood play about a death tournament and a doll trying to catch players in action.

Squid Game’s director said at a press conference that only the first game in the movie is comparable to his own show and that he was working on the concept before As The Gods Will came out in 2014.

Is Squid Game a real game?

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Obviously, there is no deadly Squid Game tournament where people are killed while playing innocent kids games. We hope. The title, however, refers to a particular game that gets its name from a piece vaguely shaped like a squid.

The main character, Seong Gi-hun, feels like unique to the city of Squid Game, which describes a game played on a squid-shaped playground, a bit like Red Rover and a bit of Capture the Flag. To win, the squid must hit the squid’s head with the feet of the offensive team, which can only jump over their waist. Director Hwang told the Korea Herald that this has been his favorite game since childhood, so yes, it looks real.

Other games played are pretty obviously real, including marbles, tug-of-war, and Red Light Green Light. There is a game that is clearly unrealistic – a game in which players have to cross a glass bridge and don’t know which panel will shatter under their feet – games like hopscotch simply require you to put your feet on certain squares.

A game gives each player a box of candy with a mold inside and they have to use a sharp object to cut the mold without breaking it. This is easy if you have a triangular shape, not so easy if you choose the umbrella. Participants eventually learn that licking the back of the candy helps release mold.

It’s sugar real – here’s a YouTube video from PinoyChefKorea that shows you how to do it. (Recipe instructions appear in English subtitles.) Making Dalgona coffee during the pandemic? This candy is Dalgona candy.

The chef notes that candy is popular with Korean kids. And yes, eaters in Korea try to eat around it without breaking the fluff, although the dangers are not life or death.

Red Light, is the Green Light baby real?

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The first game the contestant plays is Red Light, Green Light, but instead of a human who turns around and tries to catch someone moving during “Red Light,” it’s a super spooky giant schoolgirl robot doll.

Red Light, the doll in Green Light game is real and tourists can visit it.

Online publication Koreaboo reports that the doll was not made for the Squid Game, but was displayed at the Jincheon Carriage Museum Adventure Village, also known as Macha Land, a museum in South Korea’s Chungcheongbok-do, a few hours before Seoul. Koreaboo says the doll was returned to the museum, but somehow it didn’t have a hand. Hey, those games were tough for everyone.

Den of Geek pointed us to tweets from Philippines residents who stated that a version of the doll was part of a Netflix show in a mall there and her head was spinning.

What is the business card in squid games?

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In Squid Game, one of the characters sees a Squid Game business card and perceives the marking, provoking him to pose inquiries about the card and what it implies. That is a model that could without much of a stretch mean a potential client detecting your business card.

Squid Game recruiters handed out light brown business cards with the game’s symbol – circle, triangle and square – on one side and a phone number on the other. (Entrepreneurial online artists need a Halloween costume boost or make your own.)

Author Jasmine Leung explains that The Focus’ shapes are actually Korean letters.

“The circle is the letter ‘o’, the triangle is part of the letter ‘j’, and the square is the ‘m’,” he writes. “So side by side we have ‘OJ M’, which is the initials of the Korean game of squid, which reads as Ojingeo Geim (오징어게임).”

This side of the card is fine but the other side where the phone number is displayed caused some problems. Mashable Southeast Asia reports that someone with this number has been complaining about receiving “endless” phone calls and text messages. (Come on Netflix, you had to buy a certain number and set up a promotional message for the callers.)

Theory About Squid Game Guardians

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The guards in Squid Game wear red and look like a young naive soldier when one is exposed. An online theory attempts to explain how guards are recruited. The main character, Seong Gi-hun, plays a game called ddakji with a recruiter for the game. (Ddakji is a traditional Korean game where you flip paper tiles – a bit like POGs.) Gi-hun prefers blue paper to red. It seems arbitrary, but according to one theory it is not.

“So there is a theory that in Squid Game, Gi-Hun got the blue card from the dealer (Gong Yoo) and then woke up as a player in a blue suit,” a tweet says. “If he or the other players had picked the red card, it would have been the workers/guards.”

The End of the Squid Game Has Been Announced

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Super spoiler time, because we’re talking about the end of the series. Seong Gi-hun wins and finds out who really is running the game (you may have figured it out by now since we haven’t seen this character die in the game, but it’s such an interesting plot that I won’t explain here).

After messing with the brain of the game, Gi-hun dyes his hair bright red (like the guards’ clothes, but probably irrelevant). He then boards a plane to Los Angeles to reunite with his little girl. However, he sees the quarterback who got him into the game and tries to persuade another unlucky man to play. Gi-hun takes the map and calls the number just before boarding the plane and tells the answerer that he will follow them. CONTINUE? Although the director seems in no hurry, the editing is perfect for this.

And let’s talk about siblings. Police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) infiltrates the wilderness in search of his missing brother In-ho. Jun-ho escapes from the game complex, but is apparently killed by The Front Man, the game’s manager. And the Front Man appears… Jun-ho’s missing brother won the game in 2015, which we’ve already learned.

The brothers may also return in a sequel. Jun-ho was shot in the shoulder (before he fell from a cliff into the water). So, while the game is in progress, he may not have died, even though the game’s minds may not have betrayed his fellow agents. This won’t be the only death hoax on this show.

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