Vivi Jovita gains new fans with her Instagram posts

Vivi Jovita, Sexiest Model Distrusts Mothers and attracted attention with her social media posts.

Another model currently under the spotlight by netizens is Vivi Jovita. She is being talked about a lot because of her super sexy look. Even Vivi Jovita was invited to Talkpod, hosted by Surya Insomnia and Indra Jegel.

Vivi Jovita has just entered the modeling world. She graduated from Miss Popular this year. The woman, who was born on April 21, 1996, admitted that she is like most people who go viral on social media with her sexy photos.

Vivi Jovita doesn’t deny that breasts are the key to self-confidence. In the past, she was often bullied by those around her because of her appearance.

Until finally, Vivi Jovita, who has a lot of money, decides to have the surgery. She was ready to accept the risks taken in this decision.

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After the operation, Vivi Jovita felt that she had taken too much food. It is also often seduced by many people, especially men.

“Bring this hockey. There’s been a lot of naughty boys DMing, bargaining. Now it’s easy to find a guy because it’s easy to hang out. I got invited to a TV show, YouTube, it was getting so many fans attention,” Vivi said.

Because of her looks, Vivi Jovita admits that many women feel inferior. However, she insisted that she was not seductive.

“Yes, when moms and dads see me in public, moms immediately try to protect and hold them, as if they were afraid of their dad disappearing. Girls get teasing when they see me,” Vivi said.

Vivi Jovita’s decision to attend the Miss Popular event changed the self-confidence of this white woman. She now has the confidence to pose sexy for the camera and even attend acting school.

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