Vitalia Shesya Adult magazine model

The fate of an adult magazine model was rich when she had deposits of a bribe, her business now always worked for food.

The figure of this artist was once called an officer’s mistress and lived a rich life.

Vitalia Sesha is an Indonesian singer and adult magazine model.

Vitalia Sesha was once involved in drug and illegal beef import cases and was given a car by the accused Ahmed Fathanah.

Yes, in 2013 Vitalia Sesha made a scene for being involved in a scandal with Ahmad Fathanah, who is currently in jail for a corruption case.

Vitalia is said to have received luxury goods issued by Ahmad Fathanah, who was convicted of corruption in the administration of meat import quotas and money laundering (TPPU).

Vitalia Sesha, an adult model who became rich while she was a bribe mistress, is now her job. (Instagram)
Luxury items include a Honda Jazz, a Rp 70 million Chopard luxury watch and hundreds of millions of cash.

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However, it is known that the vehicle that Ahmed Fathanah gave to Vitalia was seized by KPK on the grounds that it was related to the money laundering crime committed by Fathanah.

Although she reportedly received many valuables, Vitalia Shesya denied receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from Fathanah.

Vitalia even revealed that Fathanah had asked him for a secret marriage, although at that time Fathanah was still the husband of dangdut singer Sefti Sanustika.

“She had proposed an unregistered marriage. In November an acquaintance immediately requested an informal marriage in December.”

She was active in the entertainment world, now his name does not appear on the small screen.

She decided to wear the hijab in mid-2016, but took it off again at the end of 2017.

Initially, this once-model woman decided to wear a hijab after seeing netizens’ comments saying her selfies were tantamount to adultery.

But when she decided to quit again, she went back to public speaking.

This came to light when Vitalia Shesya shared a video on her personal Instagram account.

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Vitalia Sesha still shares her daily life via her personal Instagram.

Her face still looks beautiful and young as before.

It is known that Vitalia changed her profession for the sake of a bite of rice and became a DJ.

She also uploaded a few video concerts while he was a DJ.

In addition, now Vitalia Sesha is active on social media Instagram and TikTok.

Vitalia Sesha is also diligent in uploading her latest sexy and seductive portraits and videos.

Several netizens did not comment on vitalia shesya’s post.

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