Vinicius Junior’s messages to Ester Exposito revealed

Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior’s messages to actress Ester Exposito have emerged: My breasts and body are in great shape.

It has been revealed that Vinicius Junior has been hitting on actor Ester Exposito on social media. Junior tries to impress her to unite with Esther.

What Vinicius Junior wrote to the famous actor has been revealed

Vinicius juniors messages to ester exposito revealed 1 gmspors

The messages of Vinicius Junior, who won the admiration of Real Madrid fans and football lovers with his performance this season, were revealed. The messages he wrote to the world-famous star Ester Exposito became the agenda on social media.

The messages of the Brazilian star player Vinicius Junior, who made a name for himself with the Real Madrid jersey this season, were revealed. After the 22-year-old player’s social media account was stolen, messages he wrote to Spanish model and actress Ester Exposito were revealed.

Vinicius told famous actress Ester Exposito: “I am famous, muscular and playing for the Brazilian national team. My breasts and body are very fit. Do you want to meet me?” turned out to be what he said. The young actor immediately got his stolen account back and deleted these messages. After Ester sharing from Miami, Vinicius Junior’s “Let’s Go Miami” sharing drew attention.

Ester Exposito is currently single

Vinicius juniors messages to ester exposito revealed 1 gmspors

Vinicius Junior is trying to impress Ester Expósito, who is single and doesn’t have any boyfriends. Junior, who was on the agenda after the messages he wrote on social media were disclosed, confirmed the news that he was looking for a new girlfriend.

The 22-year-old actress Ester Expósito has not had a girlfriend for a long time. Ester Expósito hangs out single and stays away from a serious relationship.

The beauty of Ester Expósito was also noted by many celebrities. It is known that especially in recent years, popular phenomenon men have been messaging with Ester over social media.

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Sending a message to the famous actress Ester Exposito, Junior wrote, “I am famous, muscular and playing for the Brazilian national team”.

It is not yet clear how Ester Expósito has responded to these messages.

Who is Ester Exposito?

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Born: January 26, 2000 (age 22 years), Madrid, Spain
Height: 1.66 m
Business partne
r: Nicolás Furtado

Entertainer and model who acquired worldwide distinction for her job as Carla on the 2018 Netflix show series Elite. In 2019, she was projected in a featuring job on the Netflix wrongdoing series Alguien Tiene que Morir.

She procured her most memorable on-screen credit in 2015 in the short film La mediadora. She was highlighted in two episodes of the famous TV show Vis a vis.

She featured as Ruth on the TV dream series Estoy Vivo in 2017. She then, at that point, showed up in the 2018 spine chiller film When the Angels Sleep.

She was brought up in Spain. She dated her Élite costar Álvaro Rico until October 2019. She then, at that point, started to date entertainer Alejandro Speitzer in 2020.

She featured in the music video for the melody “Dosis” by DVICIO, Reik and ChocQuibTown.

For what reason is Ester Expósito renowned?

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Exposito is generally renowned for playing Carla in the Netflix series ‘Tip top’. “This is one of the characters I’ve appreciated playing most,” she said about her part in the series.

Is Ester Expósito renowned in Spain?

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Ester Exposito is a Spanish entertainer and model who is most popular for her job in the Netflix series Elite. She is quite possibly the most well known Spanish entertainer today because of her Instagram profile, which has more than 29.3 million devotees.

Are Ester Exposito and Alvaro Rico dating?

PSG’s star football player Kylian Mbappe liked the photos of Ester Exposito, the Spanish beauty of the “Elite” series, and brought to mind the question “Is a new love born between the two?” Because the young actress, fascinated by her beauty, is in a happy relationship with Álvaro Rico, whom she met and fell in love with on the set of the TV series.

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