Victoria’s Secret photos of Adriana Lima from 1999 to today

The tallest fluttering angel on the Victoria’s Secret podium. Adriana Lima, who has been the indispensable angel of the VS staff for about 19 years, announced yesterday that she will bid farewell to her wings before the Victoria’s Secret 2018 show. . While on his last walk, we witnessed that the 39-year-old model, who had emotional moments, couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Dear Victoria, I thank you for introducing me to the world, sharing your secrets and teaching me not only to give wings, but also to fly. Of course, for the love of the world’s most beautiful fans …”, Lima wrote her feelings on her Instagram account.

Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret from 1999 to today

Adriana Lima has been walking the Victoria’s Secret runways since 1999. All Victoria’s Secret appearances until the last fashion show, when the famous model Adriana Lima, who wore the Fantasy Bra 3 times and opened the fashion show 5 times, said goodbye to Victoria’s Secret.

Adriana Lima 1999


Lima, who took the podium for the first time at the age of 19 at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 1999, has continued to work with the company ever since. Adriana First stepped into modeling with her professional modeling work.

Adriana Lima 2000

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She wore gold body chains in a small gold bikini for her 2000 fashion show.

Adriana Lima 2001

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At the next show, she wore a red bra and matching red fringed skirt. That Period was rising to the first place on the list of sexiest women.

Adriana Lima 2002


Born in Brazil on June 12, 1981, the mannequin also held the title of being the oldest model that the brand worked with.



Adriana Lima has opened the Victoria’s Secret fashion show five times. She started to be recognized in the world with his modeling performance in 2003.


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In 2004, the brand did not go on the podium because of the Angels Tour in America instead of a show.



Adriana Lima wore the highly anticipated million dollar Fantasy Bra 3 times who will wear each year. She became number one on the list of sexiest women in 2005.



1.78 m. She continued to work with famous brands such as Adriana Lima, Christian Lacroix and Valentino.


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The famous Victoria’s Secret model was married for five years to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, father of his children.


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Divorced in 2014, the couple has two daughters, Valentina and Sienna. In those years, Adriana managed to stand at the summit on modeling.



Lima did not go on the podium in 2009 because she was pregnant with her first child, Valentina Lima Jaric.


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Lima wore the Fantasy Bra for the second time in 2010. This $ 2 million bra carried 60 carats of diamonds as well as sapphires. The bra she wore on her breasts at that time was popular with women.



Discovered while shopping at a 13-year-old store, Adriana Lima was named first in the Ford Supermodel of Brazil Model Search competition when she was 15.



It was chosen as the 2nd in the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest held in 1996.


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She made fashion shoots with Vogue and Marie Claire at the beginning of her career between 1997-1998.


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In 2006, she was ranked 97th on Forbes’ ‘Most Earning Celebrities’ list and ranked 99th on the 100 Most Powerful People (100).



Born on June 12, 1981, Lima has the characteristics of Gemini. In those years, adriana had managed to become one of the richest models in the world.


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Victoria’s Secret photos of Adriana Lima from 1999 to today

While the famous star climbed to the top in his career, he increased the number of followers on Instagram to 12 million. Her popularity reached its peak with being the most prominent woman in the 2016 fashion show.



Lima, author of the text they live in coexistence with Hara did not fall off the agenda in Turkey. Then the list of boyfriends was pretty big.

Adriana Lima 2018 Victoria’s Secret

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She ended the 19-year Victoria’s Secret adventure by making Lima jubilee at night in New York. She announced that she left Victoria Secret, the biggest fashion show in the world, in great sorrow. Brazilian model “Adriana” Lima “will remain in the memories as she continues to be the sexiest model of recent years.

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