Veronika Rajek explains why her boobs are big

Veronika Rajek, a Tom Brady fan, talks about drinking naked because I have big boobs.

Tom Brady fan Veronika Rajek says my boobs are huge because I drink beer naked… they’re not fake.

VERONIKA RAJEK revealed that her breasts are too big because she drank beer naked.

This is never true. Most people think big thoughts of their breasts from drinking clear beer, but this is not true. Alcohol, drinking does not cause the product of any organ. In addition, alcohol intake has health risks.

My boobs are big because I have a natural tendency to gain weight in my chest area. This can be due to genetics, hormones, and other factors. I have also been known to gain weight quite easily, which can also contribute to the size of my boobs. Additionally, I have been wearing bras for many years, which can also contribute to the size of my chest.

Veronika Rajek became the favorite of social media

Veronika Rajek became the favorite of social media

Veronika Rajek became a social media hit after appearing in a controversial commercial.

Veronika Rajek, who starred in a controversial ad for a lingerie brand, quickly became a favorite on social media after the ad aired. The ad has been criticized for being exploitative and overly sexualized, but Rajek held her ground and defended the ad, arguing that it was a form of empowerment for women. This brought a lot of attention to Rajek, who soon gained a huge following on social media and became a celebrity.

VERONIKA RAJEK has uncovered that her boobs are so huge in light of the fact that she used to savor brew the naked.

The Slovakian model has shot to popularity on account of her mind boggling figure and love for NFL legend Tom Brady.

She has 3.5million supporters on Instagram and the force to be reckoned with as of late focused on her life on the Pad Talk digital broadcast.

Rajek addressed the inquiry that many fans have been passing on to be aware – whether her boobs are phony or genuine.

She answered: “They are mine.

“I didn’t have large bosoms when I was more youthful on the grounds that I was doing olympic style events for quite a long time.

“However, one summer I was sunbathing, as bare, and I drank my dad’s brew and I think they developed this way.

“If you have any desire to have huge bosoms – drink lager.”

The 26-year-old is an admirer of Brady and as of late staggered in a Tampa Cove Marauders pullover, visiting the arena to see her crush play.

Yet again rajek is a self-admitted Brady super-fan, alluding to him in an online entertainment post as a “legend” prior to conceding her adoration for the 45-year-old.

While on the webcast, Rajek got serious about being an OnlyFans star and the discernment it has in her nation of origin.

Rajek said: “I love [my OnlyFans], we are like family.

“OnlyFans in Slovakia is something truly horrible – they think everybody working is a w**** and gold-digger. They don’t figure out the market.

“I generally wear attractive garments since I love it – they think I f* everyone, except it’s extremely hard to f* with me.

“I have a sister who’s 18 yet I haven’t seen her for a considerable length of time and we are very surprising.

“I’m the lovely one. The primary children are consistently.

“I don’t return and visit Slovakia much.”

She currently invests heaps of energy in the US and the model no longer purposes her brew drinking tip to help her looks.

Rajek said: “I love Miami. I go celebrating. I will remain out until 2am. I’m the dependable one and the driver.

“I’m a very exhausting individual – I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke, my companions generally attempt to impact me yet I’m like ‘no’.

“A many individuals are not entertaining yet forceful when they drink and I could do without that. They smell and pee all over the place.

“I accept I need to live in the USA yet it isn’t simple not turning into a resident.

“In English I’m an audience, yet in Slovak I’m really loquacious.”

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