Vera Dijkmans shares things that will impress you

The OnlyFans model created controversy by posing almost naked in the snow. Vera Dijkmans is ready to pose nude to gain more followers again.

Vera Dijkmans, 25, from the Netherlands, created controversy among her millions of followers on social networks.

The young woman posed in a bikini at the foot of the Mont Blanc peak in Chamonix, France, where temperatures are often negative.

The OnlyFans content creator posed in the snow wearing nothing but a silver bikini, boots and a tight top: “Yeah, it was cold,” she said.

Vera was criticized for her post and even warned of the danger of hypothermia:
One follower warned, “You’re in a very cold place wearing a bikini, you don’t know the damage it can do.” “You’re a goddess, but how did you resist injury?” asked another. “The poor thing must be freezing,” said another. “Hypothermia is serious, you better put on more clothes,” one fan said.

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Despite the relevant comments, Vera also received praise:

“The snow will melt in all this heat”, “You will melt the snow”, “You are the cause of global warming” were other reactions.

Accustomed to sharing bikinis, lingerie, and other raunchy photos, Vera features Cammy from Street Fighter, as well as Mrs. She received high praise for showing off the Incredible’s cosplay.

The Dutch woman is currently one of the most followed on social networks and on the exclusive content platform.

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Typically Vera Dijkmans, this hot Dutch girl is considered one of the most popular models on the Instagram platform. Currently Vera Dijkmans has more than 5 million followers on Instagram, it turns out that every Instagram post helps this beautiful girl earn $8,000 to $14,000 (approximately VND 320 million) from brands.

But among many fans, he is the most famous thanks to his huge 3-round measures. In this way, Vera Dijkmans “checks in on round 3” whenever she goes anywhere, often as a “brand image”.

Vera dijkmans shares things that will impress you 1 gmspors

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