Valorant player Rowan Crothers wins gold at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Valorant player Rowan Crothers managed to win a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and received high praise from his followers.

An interesting news about the esports world came from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. 23-year-old Australian athlete Rowan Crothers managed to take the gold medal to his country.

Rowan Crothers, who plays Valorant professionally in the OCE region under the name Magnetbrain and is also a Twitch broadcaster, won a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Rowan Crothers has been swimming since he was 13

According to the news of Esportstalk, the player who played in the Pants Down team, a team that qualified to participate in the LetsPlay.Live (LPL) Challengers tournament in September 2020, took a break from his esports career to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Born prematurely, Crothers was born with cerebral palsy and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Starting his swimming career at the age of 13, magnetbrain also continues his education in the field of Public Relations and Communications.

Rowan Crothers is an Australian freestyle swimmer. He represented Australia at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and was selected for the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

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