Valeria Maria de Santanais election promise interesting

In elections, the promises of candidates often create a big agenda. A Brazilian politician who is a social media phenomenon is running for place as an elected regional representative for the Federal District in Brazil, one of 27 federative units in the country. Social media phenomenon Valeria Maria de Santanais promised free breast and hip aesthetics as her election promise.

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Brazilian politician Valeria Maria de Santanais, known on social media as MC Bandida, announced that she is running for regional representative on behalf of the Avanta party. Expressing that she is a candidate for the same post for the third time, Santanais promised free breast and hip aesthetics to her voters. “My plan is to invest public money in Brazil to improve the mood and well-being of low-income women who believe they need this aesthetic support to help them feel good,” said Santanais, who drew attention after announcing her promise. “My focus on improving women’s physical presence will be the winner of the vote in the current climate.”

Valeria Maria de Santanais, who made her first nomination in 2014, received just 120. Valeria Maria de Santanais, who actively uses her social media accounts for the election campaign, said she thinks she can increase her chances in the new election.

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