US singer Halsey named her baby in Turkish

US singer Halsey has finally given birth to her baby. Halsey really wanted to have a baby and we are sure she is a very happy woman now.

Halsey, who wanted to be a mother for years and tried various things about it, is now a mother. Years later, Halsey, who combined her life with a Turk, now has a baby. Halsey named her baby “Ender” because her husband is Turkish.

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Halsey gets the motherhood she’s been waiting for years

The world-famous singer Halsey, who took her first baby in her arms from her relationship with her Turkish lover Alev Aydın, shared her happy moment on her social media account. Halsey-Alev Aydın couple named their baby Ender Ridley, who was born 5 days ago.

Hungarian-American singer Halsey, who has been with Turkish screenwriter Alev Aydın for two years, took her baby in her arms. Sharing this happiness on her social media account, Halsey also drew attention to her lover, Alev Aydın, with her loving gaze.

Halsey-Alev Aydın couple named their baby Ender Ridley, who was born on 14 July.

Halsey wrote on her Instagram account, “Thank you. For the most “rare” and feel-good birth. Powered by love.”

Meaning of Halsey’s Baby Name

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They are rare people who live in love. They live for love and die for love.

They love life and living very much. They prefer to spend time with their friends rather than spending time outside alone.

They are creative people. They have unique personalities. They are full of confidence. They like to look at things from different angles. They are determined in everything they do. Living a systematic and orderly life is their first choice. They like to write and read.

What is the origin of the name Ender?

Origin of the name Ender : Turkish

Character traits of the name Ender

  • Imagination is very developed. He is particularly successful in the field of music.
  • He is smart and talented; but he is also very prone to falling victim to his sensuality. Despite his cunning nature, he can fall in love quickly and be deceived.
  • He is realistic and likes to work.
  • Due to the sophistication of his imagination, he tends to confuse fantasy with reality.
  • He is a person who is loved and respected by his environment; Leadership also plays a big role in this situation.
  • He is realistic and likes to work.
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