US rocker Tommy Lee shocking with penis photo on Instagram

Tommy Lee stirs up trouble and causes controversy on Instagram. The penis photo of the US rocker sparked a small discussion about nudity among his followers on the Internet.

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Tommy Lee (59) completely dropped the covers on Instagram. The US rocker upset his fans and followers with his penis photo on his account. For the selfie showing her completely naked body with many tattoos and uncensored private parts, Lee wrote, “Ooooopppssss.”

The photo has since been deleted because the post violated Instagram’s rules. Still, Lee’s penis photo sparked a debate about nudity on social media. There was resentment among some users that unlike men, women were not allowed to show their nipples on Instagram, but Lee was allowed to post his best piece with no consequences.

Someone on Twitter shared a censored version of Lee’s penis snap, saying, “Tommy Lee’s penis is on Instagram and why is he ignoring directions?” he wrote.

“Everyone saw Tommy Lee’s penis on Instagram and his account is still there, while Rihanna was banned for months for posting photos from a photo shoot where her nipples were visible,” another user said.

Others were worried about Pamela Anderson’s (55) ex-husband. A few hours ago, Lee shared a video of him smoking a cigarette with messy hair, glasses, and a tired look. Some wrote “go to bed”. “Tommy, do you need help?” asked another. Another user commented, “Something seems wrong”.

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