US ban on TikTok and WeChat on Sunday

TikTok and WeChat apps are banned in the US as of Sunday

As of Sunday, downloading of TikTok and WeChat apps is banned in the USA. TikTok application, which is popular with young people, has 100 million users in the USA.

The US Department of Commerce announced that WeChat, a messaging application developed in China in the US, and TikTok, a video sharing application, will be blocked from downloading as of September 20.

Authorities stated that if an agreement is reached with ByteDance, which owns TikTok, on its fate in the United States, the download ban could be revoked by US President Donald Trump late Sunday.


TikTok application, which is popular with young people, has 100 million users in the USA. Bytedance, which owns the application, is in talks with software companies such as Oracle Corp to create TikTok Global, a company that aims to address US concerns about user data security. However, the company still needs Trump’s approval to avoid the TikTok ban.

Ministry of Commerce officials said they will not block TikTok’s technical transactions until November 12th. He underlined that this is an additional time for the company to reach an agreement between ByteDance and the authorities.

“The key features of TikTok will remain intact until November 12,” Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross told Fox Business Network.

It has been announced that US companies doing business outside of the USA will not be affected by the WeChat ban. Tencent Holdings, the owner of the WeChat app, will not be blocked from work with other businesses, including online games, and Apple, Google, or other app stores will still allow TikTok or WeChat apps to be downloaded anywhere outside the United States.

On August 6, Trump gave the Commerce Department a 45-day period to determine which transactions would be blocked from applications that he thought posed a national security threat. By announcing these bans at the Ministry of Commerce, it responded to this executive order, which will expire on Sunday.

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