Ursula Corbero changes image for her new project

Ursula Corbero, the actress of La Casa de Papel, has grown her hair for her new project.

Ursula Corbero, the actress of La Casa de Papel, got full marks from her fans with her new hairstyle. She was talking about her upcoming new project by presenting her new image to her 23.5 million followers on Instagram.

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Ursula Corbero, who is remembered for her role as Tokyo in the TV series La Casa de Papel, extended her short hair for a long time for her new project. Those who saw the actor, who turned into a completely different person with her new image, had difficulty recognizing him.

Ursula Corbero, who played the role of Tokyo in the series La Casa de Papel, which was broadcast on Netflix and reached a wide fan base around the world, continues to make a name for herself with her social media accounts as well as her performance.

The 33-year-old beautiful actress, who has a busy schedule, changed her image for her new project to be broadcast on Netflix. The actress, who has been using her short hair for a long time, shared her latest version on her Instagram account, which has 23.5 million followers. The beautiful name’s post with the note “Rosa Peral. Let the journey begin” received more than 800 thousand likes in a short time.

Úrsula Corberó presents her new project with an included look change

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By working, players can transform themselves physically and spiritually into other people; Just look at the 250 kilos Brendan Fraser gained to get into Charlie’s skin in the critically acclaimed movie The Whale.

While sometimes it’s not necessary to go to such dramatic extremes, and with a good hairstyle and makeup and wardrobe team, it’s more than enough: like Charlize Theron’s a thousand and one colors and haircuts that she wore on the big screen,” Jennifer Aniston became iconic in the first season of Friends. brought Rachel” and of course the mixie (fairy and mullet mix) Úrsula Corberó became popular at La casa de papel. It is precisely now that she is the one who premieres an image as the script requires.

This September, Úrsula starts shooting a new job for the streaming platform that has gained worldwide fame thanks to Tokio, and the look her character wears is very different from the robber’s.

It’s called Body on Fire, a Netflix mini-series inspired by a true story, with Úrsula Corberó playing Quim Gutiérrez, which will begin filming this September in Barcelona. The artist is returning to a brand new look to embody the role, as she has done before, and unlike Tokyo, this time she has super dark hair, which we discovered in the project’s promotional photos. This is the first time we see Úrsula in a look like this, in an ultra-sophisticated key and complete with a long nude manicure, red lips and flawless skin.

Fans of the actress rejoiced at this news, although some do not cease to forget their favorite character: “It is strange to see Tokyo with long hair, but in a good way” . Of course, everyone is applauding their idol’s looks and compliments like “Oh my God, Úrsula is Gorgeous! She exudes intense energy”, “This girl is really a scandal” or “She’s so perfect”. Messages from people who say they can’t wait to see him at work again.

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She ate a salad naked

Úrsula Corberó recently gave tips on how she feeds while controlling her physical condition. She loves to eat greens like a vegetarian, she also has a strict training method.

In the photo she shared on Instagram, she was smiling with her naked body behind her while highlighting the salad. Again, fans started praising her physique. Ursula’s photo received more than 1 million likes in a short time.

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She is not only an actor, but also a model and continues to sign multi-million dollar deals with her popularity in recent years. She is at the top among Spain’s most popular female actresses at the moment.

Úrsula Corberó also answers the questions of her fans, thanks to her frequent posts about her private life. It is known that although she continues her life as a single person, she spends time actively from sexual orientation.

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Finally, she zooms in on the camera to show her lower body lines in a red bikini. She proved to be quite successful at maintaining the physique.

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