Unvaccinated People Call Themselves “Pureblood” on Tiktok

The trend that attracted attention in TikTok came from a group that did not have a new current vaccine. A group calling themselves Purebloods shares on tiktok that they are not vaccinated.

The unvaccinated got a new name for themselves and their inspiration was Harry Potter.

Some TikTok users have refused to be called ‘unvaccinated’ and have started using the term ‘purebred‘, a word rooted in the Harry Potter universe, to refer to their unvaccinated status.

While vaccination efforts continue around the world in the coronavirus epidemic, people who refuse to be vaccinated have chosen a special name from the “Harry Potter” series. On TikTok, some unvaccinated people call themselves “thoroughbred” and refuse to be referred to as ‘unvaccinated’.

Thoroughbred Videos Increasing on Tiktok

Lyndsey Marie, a prominent TikToker conservative influencer, posted the video last week. “I refuse to be called unvaccinated from now on,” wrote Marie, who has 27,900 TikTok followers. Especially after this video, people started to use the hashtags #purebloods (pure blood) and #unvaxxed (unvaccinated) on the sharing platform.

@pb_lyndsey00marie Just my thoughts…. #harrypotter #pureblood #36SecondsOfLightWork #unvaccinated #covid19 #foryou ♬ Sweet Dreams – PuppetMaster

The number of videos tagged #purebloods on Tiktok suddenly peaked. It was noteworthy that the number of videos tagged #purebloods suddenly increased on Tiktok, where millions of content were shared.


In JK Rowling‘s books, the word “pureblood” is used to denote ancestors who have never married to wizarding families or non-magical people of a “pure” ancestry. It also comes with a darker connotation of superiority to those whose ancestry is a mix of magical and non-magical ancestors.

The term also has dark connotations to the movie, as it was used to refer to the “pure” lineage of magicians and followers of the show’s villain, Lord Voldemort. Also, the antonym of the word ‘Pureblood’, ‘Fuzzy’ is used to make people fall in love.

The new trend emerged at a time when America was grappling with COVID-19 and more contagious strains of the virus like Delta and Mu. A new study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that unvaccinated Americans are 11 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated Americans.


##stitch with @canadianpatriot2.0 FUUUUUUCK ##purebloods ##dissidentcrew ##sheeptok ##yeg ##alberta

♬ original sound – ZReyce Schmillenoove

The CDC also found that 84% of deaths recorded in the US between June and July this year were due to unvaccinated people. The results of this study were reported in July by CDC director Dr. reported by. It also supports Rochelle Walensky’s statement that she calls COVID-19 an “unvaccinated epidemic.”

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