Unprecedented offer from Manchester City to Messi

Unprecedented offer from Manchester City to Messi: 430 million pounds!

Manchester City, one of the English Premier League teams, offered a contract worth 430 million euros to Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, whose contract with Barcelona will expire at the end of the season.

While the situation of Lionel Messi, whose contract with the Catalan giant Barcelona will end at the end of the season, is curious, Manchester City, which is stated to be in a race with PSG, presented its unprecedented offer in football history. City offered Lionel Messi a £ 430 million contract, The Sun reported.

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Manchester City was active for Messi, which is thought to be leaving Barcelona last summer. It was stated that the 5-year contract offer offered at that time was 600 million lira. However, considering the pandemic and the fact that Messi is 34 years old, this offer was reduced to 430 million Pounds.

The £ 430 million contract offered to Messi for 5 years is unprecedented in football history.

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“It’s a gift to have the best player in the world”

Barcelona is preparing to elections on March 7 for the presidency vacated by Josep Maria Bartomeu. Former president Joan Laporta, Victor Font and Toni Freixa announced their candidacy for the presidential election.

Speaking to the BBC, 3 candidates said that keeping Lionel Messi in the team, whose end-of-season contract expires, is the most important agenda item.

Joan Laporta, who wants to be president again at Barcelona, ​​said, “We will make an economically interesting offer to him. I know Messi is not just thinking about money. He wants to know that there is a chance to form a competitive team with Barcelona that can win the Champions League again. This is my priority and I will do my best to keep this love going, “he said.

Victor Font, one of the other candidates, said that the relationship with Lionel Messi was strategic in the short to medium term. “We believe that Messi has a key role. Having the best player in the world is a gift. As a corporate, we must continue this relationship when Messi retires,” Font continued.

Saying that the Argentine player wants to quit football in the Catalan club, Font said, “Messi told us that he wanted to leave the team in the summer, but he said that 2 goals could be achieved. He always wants to retire in Barcelona.”

The third presidential candidate, Frexia, said it would be proud for Lionel Messi to stay on the team. Frexia, “We know that the end of the season contract. We want to sit down at the table with him and make a good deal and make an offer within the economic situation of the club,” he said.

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