University established for Adult Film Actors

University established for prostitutes, they will learn how to do their jobs better

A university was established to educate prostitutes. At Centro University, which is a first in the world, free lessons are offered to those who want to do this job professionally.

The university, which was established so that newly established Adult movie stars can make better and professional videos, has already managed to attract the attention of many women.

The university, which was established in the United States in 2017, started to serve in 2020.

These lessons often teach prostitutes how to create impressive personalities, how to make money from their fans, and how to promote their work on social media. The university was created in partnership with the subscription-based FanCentro, a platform for adult film artists, launched in 2017.

There are the following statements on the university website as a statement; “Each lesson in the department consists of video lectures and live broadcasts with in-depth information in order to be a successful influencer. Our instructors work to answer your basic questions, provide you with mentorship and prepare lessons with in-depth information.”

“Private social media is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world and we want to help you become financially independent. Unlike traditional schools and universities, CentroU is free.”

FanCentro Adult Film will train actors:

FanCentro Adult Movie announced that it will train the actors. FanCentro aims to make many women get more professional jobs in adult movies with the rapid arrival. Especially in the USA, the porn industry, in which big money is made, is looking for new women with very high fees. Within the United States, women in the +18 film industry continue to gain popularity rapidly.

FanCentro brand ambassador and prostitute MelRose Michaels spoke about working in the industry and how the platform has helped him. Michaels said: “On October 3, 2011, I signed in online for the first time in an unfurnished apartment and promised not to log out until I earned enough to cover my first rent payment. In my first two weeks in the industry, I made over $ 7,000 and didn’t even look back.”

Michaels is one of the few people currently teaching at CentroU. The online university held its first event, “Building Your Empire: Building Your Adult Influencer Brand” on Wednesday, October 7th.

FanCentro vice president Kat Revenga said that the Central idea first emerge about two years ago:

“You won’t find any industry that doesn’t have a comprehensive educational resource. But the lack of online training in this adult industry was striking. As a sex worker, you really need a lot of skills to be successful online. People think looking good will be enough.”

“But this job requires information such as marketing, brand management, photography, video shooting, accounting, hair and makeup. You need to be able to do all of these. Especially nowadays.”

Tilly Toy is one of the most experienced names

“Tilly Toy” will take on a teaching role in the new university, encouraging many women to act in adult movies. Tilly Toy, who has been experienced in prostitution and paid relationships for years, aims to raise many new women.

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