Unique in the football industry for 140 years: Thomas Gronnemark and his unique story!

Thomas Gronnemark and everything about modern football

All football fans know that Liverpool, one of the English Premier League teams, has risen to the top step by step with the German coach Jürgen Klopp. But one of the names behind this success is ‘crown trainer’ Thomas Gronnemark. The only one of its kind in 140 years of football history, the Danish trainer told The Guardian about the change of his life thanks to an interview he gave years ago.

In the scorching summer of 018, Thomas Gronnemark received a phone call while touring the Danish countryside with his wife and two children. Noticing the word +44 at the beginning of the number on the screen, he ignored it. Bored with phone calls from people selling everything from accounting programs to retirement plans, Gronnemark did not answer the call. When the Gronnemark family entered the chocolate shop in Knebel, they listened to the voice message of the incoming call.

In the audio recording of the call from England, it was none other than Jürgen Klopp, and Liverpool’s coach wanted him to call him. Gronnemark’s call, who did not waste any time after listening to the audio recording, went unanswered, but on his way home, his phone rang again.


“My wife looked at the phone screen because I was driving. “Caller Jürgen” said. I parked the car at the nearest location to turn on the phone. He told me that Liverpool had a great 2017-18 season, that they were fourth in the Premier League and reached the Champions League final. But he stated that they lose almost every time they put the ball into the game. The following week he invited me to Melwood, Liverpool’s training ground, and naturally I accepted. It was supposed to be a meeting actually, but he was so convinced I would help them that I was coaching the Premier League players the next day. I’ve been a coach at Liverpool ever since. ”


Gronnemark is the only one of its kind and Klopp had read an interview about him in the German newspaper Bild. The Danish gave an interview in which Borussia Mönchengladbach’s left-back player Andreas Poulsen explained how he improved his 14-meter-long throw-in. And Klopp discovered it through this interview he saw on Twitter.

“I’ve been working on the long, fast and smart throw in. This applies to the entire field. I only worked for some teams that wanted to shoot long or close to the opponent’s goal. However, my philosophy is to apply this work in the whole field. And Liverpool are the first team to truly reap the benefits of this philosophy. ”


“You could say that I coached using intelligence while putting the ball into play. I’m not afraid to say that most professional players have very little intelligence in this regard. Amateurs and young players are even worse in this regard. 99 percent of the professional players and coaches I contact do not work at all on throw-ins. “


Players need to learn the technique required to shoot long and precisely and at the same time create space to get the ball. That’s why the throw-in coach includes all the players.

“When you watch the Liverpool game, there are usually six or seven different players who put the ball in the game,” says Gronnemark.

“If Salah is closest to the ball he should use the throw and put the ball into play. But only if it makes sense. Sometimes it can be a disadvantage to make the throw-in too quickly. The worst thing you can do is get the ball into play quickly at the moment of pressure. When I analyze the throw-in, I see if we can get rid of the opponent’s pressure. We can do great things by throwing the ball into play, but bad things can happen if we lose the ball at that time. ”


According to Typhoid Football, Klopp contacted Gronnemark after a season when Liverpool’s throw-in statistics under pressure was the third worst in the Premier League with a 45.4 percent success rate. After a year with the Danish coach, Liverpool was the second best team in Europe with 68.4 percent, after Midtjylland, which only worked with Gronnemark.


Apart from Gronnemark, Liverpool and a few Danish teams, he also works with clubs such as RB Leipzig, Ajax and Gent. He usually visits each team six or seven times a year and provides training for two to four days at each visit. He also analyzes videos of all matches. Gronnemark chooses Liverpool’s Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander Arnold as modern football’s top throwers.

“I worked with many players who increased the length of their shots with technical training. When I started working with Kian Hansen, he could throw 30 meters, which was quite long. However, the shot was very high and easy to defend. It eventually reached 36.7 meters but gained an incredible speed. Andy Robertson from Liverpool is a completely different case. When I met him, he could not exceed 19 meters. It’s easy to get under pressure when you wear this very short and this short crown. He managed to extend his shot about 8 meters. And although he would never be able to shoot long, through training we managed to increase the throwing radius to over 500 square meters. ”

“This means he can get more players on the ball. He developed incredibly fast, in terms of when, at what speed, and when to hold the ball. He is very good at sensitivity. Trent reached pretty much the same level but it took a little longer. In my eyes, they are the best versatile shooters in the world. ”



Gronnemark secrets are not explained easily:

“I am the only one who has such an in-depth knowledge of the throwing. It’s actually a pretty important thing when you think about it because football is a 140-year-old sport. I will keep my secrets to myself until I publish the book I am working on. ”

Extending his contract with Liverpool for another year, Gronnemark carefully selects the teams he works with: “I don’t want to coach teams that compete with Liverpool at the top, and I don’t work with teams that have historical competition. For example, coaching Liverpool and Manchester United in the same season will not work. I have received several offers from the best teams in the Premier League, including this season, that I turned down. Liverpool is not blocking me, it is completely my morality. ”


Gronnemark dreams of adding a national team to his CV.

“It is a country that especially participated in the World Cup. It was great to coach a big team like Liverpool and help win the Champions League and the Premier League. But my biggest dream is to help change football, so throw-ins are taken more seriously. ”

Gronnemark started working as a throw-in coach in 2004, but became famous after tweets about his work with Poulsen. After reading the interview published in Bild by Jürgen Klopp and Ralf Rangnick, the Danish trainer says:

“If you are proactive and bring what you think to life, a little tweet can change your life.”


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