Ukrainian OnlyFans user Masha Diduk challenged Putin

Ukrainian OnlyFans phenomenon Masha Diduk, unable to contain her nerves, called out to Putin: What’s wrong with you?

OnlyFans User Masha Diduk is a woman who earns thousands of dollars thanks to her beauty and fiery physique. Masha Diduk, who gained popularity in a short time after appearing in Netflix’s Tinger King program, addressed Putin about the Russia-Ukraine war that has been going on since February 24. The OnlyFans star, originally from Ukraine, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin, “What’s wrong with you?” she replied.

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Tiger King star OnlyFans phenomenon Diduk has joined the calls to criticize Russian President Vladmir Putin for her invasion of her homeland of Ukraine and the alleged war crimes her soldiers have committed. Masha Diduk has spent most of her life in the United States and is Joe Exotic’s business partner Jeff Lowe. She was modeling for the popular Netflix Tiger King show before joining the show. The Ukrainian phenomenon made harsh statements regarding the occupation of his country.

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Speaking on the Michael Sartain podcast, he joined the calls for Putin to be removed from office as the country’s leader following the war crimes allegations. Stating that he and his family left their country at the age of 7 to live in Philadelphia, Diduk said, “I was born in Kiev. I am very sorry for your current situation. We have distant relatives there that I have not spoken to but still keep in touch with my family. My mother’s friends and our relatives on the father’s side are sending some videos. “These are very cruel and violent things that are not shown in the media,” he said.

Masha Diduk wants to protect Ukraine from Putin

Stating that she agreed with her family by speaking Russian, Diduk said she was shocked when she learned that Putin had friends trying to legitimize his invasion of his homeland. Arguing that Putin should somehow end his presidency, Diduk said, “People are dying for no reason and Putin is dirty and probably needs to be assassinated.”

Addressing Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of the podcast, Diduk said, “You are killing a lot of innocent people. They bombed a maternity hospital full of pregnant women and said, ‘What’s wrong? What for? What did these people do?’ she called.

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