UK WAGs hire ‘personal stylist’ to help dress modestly in Qatar

WAGs in England took matters into their own hands by hiring a personal stylist after they were ordered to take off their short skirts and low-cut tops for the World Cup in Qatar. UK WAGs hire ‘personal stylists’ to help them dress modestly in Qatar and emulate the fashion world in the world cup.

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Britain Sways have assumed control over issues by employing an individual beautician in the wake of being requested to discard their short skirts and low profile tops for the World Cup in Qatar

Britain ‘s Sways have purportedly recruited an individual beautician to assist them with dressing fittingly for Qatar.

The Three Lions play Iran in their initial match of the World Cup on Monday. Yet, their spouses and sweethearts have been planning in their own specific manner in front of the competition in the Center East.

Qatar has severe regulations set up that covers different things like conduct openly, liquor and apparel. What’s more, the Britain Sways have managed the Center Eastern country’s severe standards by recruiting the assistance of an individual beautician.

They have been told to jettison specific things of apparel, for example, short skirts and low profile tops by one beautician trying to assist them with dressing all the more unobtrusively. Tight shorts are likewise a categoric off limits.

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As per The Sun, individual beautician Connie Jones actually prompted Luke Shaw’s accomplice Anouska Santos, John Stones’ accomplice Liv Naylor and Marcus Rashford‘s fiancee Lucia Loi.

The threesome have been kitted out with apparel, make-up and gems from Ms Jones’ Manchester-based organization – Connie Individual Shopping Organization.

A source purportedly said: “Connie plays it safe and has analyzed their schedule and wanted outfits which will squeeze into circumstances, for example, visits to cafés or in any event, when they are in the exercise center.

“She is exceptionally trusted and considered by the ladies and has contacts to source the most popular trends and dress with the goal that the ladies look the best.

“This World Cup is altogether different from the final remaining one in Russia a long time back where the players spouses and sweethearts could flaunt their bodies and figures in things, for example, denim shorts and scanty tops.”

Uk wags hire 'personal stylist' to help dress modestly in qatar

They added: “The last thing they need is to outrage anyone in Qatar. They have a ton of dignity and need to recognize individuals there and yet live it up.”

Britain’s Sways can in any case wear pullovers brandishing their accomplices’ names on the back notwithstanding the severe regulations.

They will spend the span of the exceptionally disputable competition on the £1billion extravagance voyage transport MSC World Europa. With the lodges being excessively little to contain their huge volume of garments, purses and different frill, a different hold room has likewise been made accessible for them to use as a ‘stroll in closet’.

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